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Last night’s SmackDown featured the first on-screen interaction between LA Knight and the wiseman of the Bloodline, Paul Heyman.

In a backstage segment, Paul Heyman was talking to Adam Pearce where he was trying to get the inside scoop about who was being traded to SmackDown from WWE Raw in exchange for Jey Uso.

However, they were interrupted by LA Knight who had beaten Austin Theory earlier in the show, who informed Adam Pearce that he was open to another match with The Miz, whom LA Knight beat at Payback.

After the pair confirmed the match for next week, Paul Heyman introduced himself to LA Knight.

While the interaction started quite positive with Heyman even describing himself as an ‘admirer’ of LA Knight it turned sour shortly thereafter.

With a more dastardly side of Paul Heyman seeking to put LA Knight in his place, the fan favourite didn’t back down to the wiseman of the Bloodline.

You can check out the interaction in the video below.


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