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Jinder Mahal First Opponent After WWE Release Confirmed

Former WWE star Jinder Mahal has had his opponent confirmed for his first match after departing the company.

There had already been an announcement that Raj Dhesi (Mahal’s new name) would be making an appearance at an upcoming independent show, but now his opponent is known.

The Maharaja was announced for a show in July, which is set to be his first in-ring appearance following his WWE exit.

Raj Dhesi has been announced for the July 26 Black Label Pro show “Old Habits Die Screaming”.

It has now been confirmed that Dhesi will be facing Kevin Ku for the BLP Championship at the event.

Dhesi, then known Jinder Mahal was re-signed by WWE in 2016 after his first release, where he remained until being released again in April 2024.

He is also announced to be making an appearance at WrestleCade in late November as he continues to vet wrestling opportunities.

Photo credit WWE

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