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Kevin Sullivan Shares Ideas For The Rock vs. Roman Reigns

Kevin Sullivan discussed a range of topics on Tuesday with The Taskmaster including a possible match between The Rock and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Kevin Sullivan shared suggestions on how WWE can build to The Rock vs. Roman Reigns for a possible match at WrestleMania 40. 

“They’re gonna draw no matter what,” Sullivan said on “Tuesday with The Taskmaster.” “If you put a special referee like [Steve] Austin or Mike Tyson or even one of the elders from The Tribal Chief’s [family] — there’s so many ways you could do it. They’re gonna draw even without it [special referee] but if you want to put a cherry on the cake, get somebody like Austin or someone from the original Bloodline, and they’ll draw huge.”

Kevin Sullivan threw out the idea of doing a tag team match on the first night before having The Rock wrestle Roman Reigns in a singles match. 

“Whenever Rock and Reigns come together, the story is going to be incredible … build another story in a tag team. Some people don’t like tag team matches, but you can draw [a lot].”

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