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AEW commentator and coach Mark Henry has seemingly provided details on the length of Kenny Omega’s new deal.

As recently reported, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Adam Page all re-signed with AEW, with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks also remaining AEW Executive Vice Presidents.

It was also reported that the collective had gone back and forth over re-signing with AEW or going to WWE or elsewhere.

Speaking on the Torg & Elliott Show for QFM96, Mark Henry addressed the importance of Kenny Omega and CM Punk in AEW.

He would describe the pair as in the “Top 40 of all time” before suggesting that if you look at the Top 40 of any sport, you’ll see a lot of big names.

Mark Henry would then talk about the pair as competitors, seemingly revealing the length of Kenny Omega’s deal as he did so, saying:

“I believe in both of those guys being great competitors and I feel they have a lot left, multiple years.

“Kenny Omega just signed a new deal. He’s going to be around another four years.”

Dave Meltzer had also recently reported that he’d heard four years as the rumoured length of time, but hadn’t been able to confirm it.

It was recently reported that WWE had plans for The Elite, with a particular interest in Kenny Omega.

Tony Khan addressed the decision for The Elite to re-sign with AEW saying they “have been instrumental to AEW’s success from the very first episode of Dynamite in 2019 through the present day.”


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