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Kenny Omega Names The Most Complete Wrestler Of All Time

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Kenny Omega praised a WWE Hall of Famer as the “most complete” wrestler in history.

Kenny Omega is widely seen as one of the best male wrestlers of all time thanks to classic matches with the likes of Kazuchika Okada, Bryan Danielson, and Will Ospreay. For the Best Bout Machine, though, there is another name that’s better than all the rest, Kurt Angle.

Speaking on a recent Twitch stream, Kenny Omega praised Kurt Angle for not only his matches but his willingness to embarrass himself on air.

“I do think that Kurt Angle is the greatest – I can’t even say just in-ring, for me he’s the most complete wrestler of all time. He’s my favourite. He’s my go-to guy to study, for me being an athletic guy that wants to be able to mesh well and complement every wrestling style.”

“But also not – I’m also, of course, anyone who’s familiar with me here in the chat, I’m not afraid to embarrass myself or do silly things. And that’s what I loved a lot about what Kurt did on TV.”

The Olympic Gold Medallist got wind of Kenny Omega’s comments and responded, offering his respect to the superstar.

In the past, Kurt Angle has spoken of the similarities between himself and Kenny Omega, and claimed there was “nobody better today.”

No Timeline For Kenny Omega’s AEW Return

Kenny Omega is currently out of action as he battles diverticulitis. While fans are hoping for him to return as soon as possible, a recent report indicated that there has been no decision on whether Kenny Omega requires surgery. If he does, then it will be several months before we see the return of Kenny Omega.

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