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Kamille Feels Like It’s Time To Take A Risk and Bet On Herself

Kamille is ready to take the next step in her career.

The former NWA women’s champion Kamille spoke about this topic during a recent interview with WrestlingNews, where she looked back on all of her accomplishments since she signed with NWA five years ago.

First year of being a champion, all about proving myself. Second year of my reign was when I started, and I think the fans started, to recognize my ability, what I can do, what I can offer. That’s when you start realizing that I’ve grown to be ‘a good catch.’ A good acquisition for any company to have. I have built that through NWA, and I’m grateful for that and the confidence to know that I can do well anywhere. The highest of highs or an Indie show at the Armory. I have the talent to make that happen.

Kamille then comments on her future as there has been interest from wrestling juggernauts WWE and AEW. Regardless of where she ends up, the Brick House is ready to take a chance on herself.

You get comments all the time, ‘go here, go here,’ well, there is something called a contract. I don’t know if people forget or fantasy book, but I have been under contract and that’s that. When it comes to going somewhere else, challenging myself, I’ve been at NWA for five years. In October, it’ll be exactly five years. 30 years old, if there is a time to take a risk and bet on myself, now is the time.


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