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Josh Alexander retains the IMPACT World Championship at Hard to Kill

The Walking Weapon held onto the gold amidst a wild Friday the 13th in Hotlanta, which also saw a major title change at one of the promotion's biggest events of the year

Josh Alexander continues to stake his claim as being the most underrated World Champion in all of professional wrestling. He remains the man on top of the mountain in IMPACT Wrestling after defeating Bully Ray at Hard to Kill.

The Canadian star has been tormented by the former member of 3D in recent weeks but triumphed in what seems to be the blowoff match of their feud. If that's the case, then The Walking Weapon handed Bully the ultimate bad luck on Friday the 13th. At the conclusion of their titanic struggle, Alexander hit a splash through a table, then slapped on the ankle lock for a submission win.

Alexander just keeps chugging along, having held the IMPACT World Championship since last April. As he approaches a year, it's always puzzling why the mat master isn't ranked higher when it comes to discussions about the best wrestlers in the world.

During his time atop the promotion, he's wrestled some of the very best matches in the history of a company whose lineage includes Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe. As he approaches one year as the titleholder, let's see if he starts to get the appreciation and the accolades that he's earned.

Mickie James captures the Knockouts Title, saves her career

Much of the night's over-arching story surrounded Mickie James, who has consistently put potential retirement on the line during her Last Rodeo. This match was no exception, with the veteran star facing her toughest test yet: Jordynnae Grace.

The young champion was more than game, but James would outlast her. This marks Mickie's fifth title win, and quite possibly, her most emotional one yet. As she rides on, the cowgirl got away with the gold once again, and her legend will only continue to grow from here.

Trey Miguel continues to be 'The Man' in IMPACT's X-Division

The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air has been the most dominant performer in the promotion's X-Division for months now, and he displayed that once again at Hard to Kill. Miguel retained his crown by defeating Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve at ringside).

Miguel is not only a great champion and fantastic athlete, he truly fits the mold of the