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Jon Moxley On The AEW Continental Classic: “It Hasn’t Really Formed An Identity Yet”

Jon Moxley has spoken on AEW’s first-ever Continental Classic.

The newly launched tournament is similar to NJPW’s gruelling G1 Climax, where wrestlers compete in a Round Robin style matches until the winners of two separate blocks (leagues in AEW) battle off in the finals. The Death Rider Jon Moxley spoke about this tournament during a recent interview with

“We’re only a couple days into it. It hasn’t really formed an identity yet. I think it’ll be the thing where all the talents involved and the human stories that play out throughout this thing and the excitement of the matches and so forth. I think that’ll just kind of have to take on a life of its own. Right now, we’ve just created this monster, this animal, and set it free. We’re waiting to see what it does. If it was going to be good and if it was going to become a thing that you’d want to become a part of in the future and be the thing that was a marquee event and something that wrestlers wanted to do in the future, we had to make it good. My only job is really to wrestle my ass off. That’s easy enough. I can handle that. That’s pretty much everybody’s job. I think just straight-up in-your-face, one-on-one wrestling with a clear result is something that we need to always do. I think that’s something we were founded on.”

Jon Moxley defeated Mark Briscoe in his first Continental Classic matchup, giving him 3 points. He will face Jay Lethal later this evening.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jon Moxley spoke about the future of AEW and how he hopes they continue to stay on the path of being an alternative.


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