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Plans for John Cena to appear at this Saturday’s premium live event, WWE Payback 2023, may have just been revealed.

According to one new report, WWE is planning on having a special guest host for this Saturday’s premium live event, Payback on Peacock.

And it sounds as though you will be able to see him.

Per a report from WrestleVotes, WWE has a special guest host for Payback in the works: John Cena. WrestleVotes wrote:

We heard rumblings that Payback will have a special guest host this Saturday night. And his name is John Cena.

With WWE already having announced the return of John Cena for the next couple of months on SmackDown on FOX, now he may be set for an appearance at Payback as well.

Payback already features an intriguing card including not only matches but also an announced edition of the Grayson Waller Effect with Cody Rhodes.

With Waller having already had a previous run-in with Cena, this may open up the possibility of another interaction, or of course, Cena may end up doing something completely different.

Cena will be appearing on tomorrow night’s September 1 SmackDown, will miss September 8 as he’s working the WWE Superstar Spectacle show in India, but will then be on every SmackDown from September 15 to October 27.

Of course, will bring you all the latest updates on all the happenings for WWE PayBack


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