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John Cena Is Thankful That Cody Rhodes Is Back Where He Belongs In WWE

John Cena has appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump to discuss a wide range of topics, including Cody Rhodes.

The former WWE Champion commented on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE last year, a move he thinks fits well because it’s where he belongs after being in AEW. 

“I’m extremely proud of Cody, especially because he was bold enough to bet on himself. He knew it was going to be painful, he knew it was going to be a path of growth and now he’s back and now he’s performing at a level even more elite than before. He’s kind of crafting his own path, he’s more more authentic. The Cody Rhodes you see is him, it’s the young man I saw speak when inducting his father into the Hall Of Fame. In his path, he’s learned business, he’s learned this business, he’s learned to be more grateful, he’s learned how events are set up, he’s learned grips, cameramen, audio people, catering. Not that he didn’t before, but because that was a lot of his responsibility, he got a new depth of field for everything that happens here and I’m really proud of him. I’m really thankful he’s back where he belongs in the WWE.”


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