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John Cena Details What He Wants To Achieve Before He Retires

John Cena has outlined his goal before his final farewell to WWE in 2025. John Cena rocked the WWE Universe as he announced he would be wrestling his last run throughout next year, marking a definitive end to his wrestling career after years of sharing his time between it and his Hollywood career. 

The "Peacemaker" superstar fielded as many questions as possible during the Money in the Bank Post Show, one of which was about what he would like to accomplish as the horizon beckons. 

"Just, to let everyone know how appreciative I am," he replied. "I guess that is my 'why' for doing this: how grateful I am to do this for as long at the capacity I have. I was not kidding when I said tonight I was grateful to play in the house everybody built. That is all I'm doing. There were many before me, there will be many after. I guess what I have left to do is say my thank yous before that chapter closes."

Despite being regarded amongst the most decorated WWE superstars of all time, there are some milestones that fans have called for "The GOAT" to achieve before he retires. John Cena is notably tied with Ric Flair for the record amount of World Championships at 16 reigns, and now the window is closing on the opportunity for him to break it. 

John Cena is also just one title away from becoming a WWE Grand Slam Champion, with the Intercontinental Championship being the only one missing from his legendary resume. Time will tell whether he manages to check any boxes off the bucket list before hanging up the jorts.

Photo Credit: WWE

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