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Jey Uso Addresses Uncle Howdy & Wyatt Sicks WWE Faction Debut

Jey Uso has addressed the ending to WWE Raw, which went off the air after the return of Uncle Howdy and the debut of the Wyatt Sicks faction.

The faction debuted after Jey Uso had just won his Money in the Bank qualifying match against Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio

The iconic Fireflies, a fixture of Bray Wyatt’s entrances, have more recently been associated with Jey Uso and his entrance.

On Raw Talk after WWE Raw, Cathy Kelley asked Uso about the debut and him potentially causing it by summoning the Fireflies.

Jey Uso said:

“You saw the ending of Raw too? I don’t want no smoke with them. For all I care, they can have the Fireflies back. I want no problem with them.

“But I’m very happy I did activate Fireflies – shout out to my boy, still my boy, still gonna show love to Bray Wyatt.

“But his family is here now, that means I’ve gotta go. You need to go too because they’re around here somewhere. Did you see the girl? Come on, be careful Cathy. Yeet.”

The faction is made up of Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy, Joe Gacy as Huskus the Pig, Dexter Lumis as Mercy the Buzzard, Nikki Cross as Abby the Witch, and Erick Rowan as Rambling Rabbit.

The official name for the group as confirmed by WWE is the Wyatt Sicks, alternatively stylized as Wyatt Sick6.

Photo credit WWE

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