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Jeff Jarrett Talks His Heat With Dixie Carter, Whether He Would’ve Been Part Of Invasion Angle If As

Jeff Jarrett had given his thoughts on various topics on his latest My World with Jeff Jarrett. Here are the highlights:

On whether he would have taken part in the Invasion angle in 2001 in WWE if he had the opportunity to do so:

“I was gonna get paid to sit home, hence, the summer of no worries. I was getting paid through the end of October or whatever it was. So that was, I’ll call it, option A, and knowing the boatload of talent, I’ll just say The Millionaire’s Club. You know, Hall, Nash, DDP, Goldberg, Hogan, Savage, whatever, there was a bunch of talent at the very top that Vince had his choice from, and then there were a lot of guys already free. I just knew my kind of doing the jump was in nobody’s cards, which I was pretty happy with. Still, if the chairman had called, I’d been an idiot to say no because I just think two stories could have easily, you know, again, this is a little different era, but crack Vinnie Mac or go after Stone Cold. Both of them could have fit. I would have loved to have had a match with Vince, just the storytelling, but I’d rather have been the heel. I’d love for him, Vince, to be. He gets that iconic reaction still to this day. You know, it’s a unique perspective. I think he’s the greatest villain in the history of professional wrestling. His verbal skills, inflection, and then his real-life set of circumstances and everything that goes around it, it’s just, Mr. McMahon’s persona is, I don’t want to even just say a classic heel, but, he’s an all-time villain. But with the right heel, you can flip that. There could be a lot of fun with Vince as the babyface. Stone Cold, you know, we worked together in the late 80s, early 90s. I would have loved to have had that match or series of matches. I think we could have drawn money.”

On his heat with Dixie Carter in TNA: 

“When the power play occurred at the end of zero nine between Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter, it became. The audience of one and everybody that came into the company was working for her and made decisions based on either what she said or what they thought she wanted. And look, I know for a fact and me and Eric, you know, look, I don’t think Eric looks on his TNA days as or impact days as fan days, but I do believe he got up and came to work and made the best possible decision that he thought that was for the day, that whether I agreed with it or disagreed with it, that was irrelevant. He was doing what he thought. And that is how I can make my boss, Dixie Carter, happy? And every decision was made that way. The lack of communication between Dixie and her group and her group was Dean Brodhead, Vince Russo, Bruce Prichard, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff. Those five never really knew what the other was thinking or talking about. It was such a disjointed lack of communication chaos at the top. But Dixie, bless her heart, just said she sent nice texts and all this, but we’re just talking business and all the water under the bridge. If Jeff went left, then I need to go right. If Jeff went right, I’m going to go left. You just kind of look at the entire organization. I mean, across the board. Jeff went six out of a drink. We got to go to the four-sided ring. Whether it was Hulk’s or Dixie’s idea, Dixie made the final say on everything. It was on talent. Hey, here’s Jeff’s crop of talent. Let’s get rid of them all. Here’s Jeff’s crop of agents. Let’s get rid of them all. It was complete. When you look at the company from July 2009 until July 2011, it’s not, it doesn’t resemble at all the same. Not even close. So I don’t believe it. That is, ultimately, it falls on the leader’s shoulders. Like any organization, it falls squarely on her shoulders. Bruce: Look at that time. Conrad, you may help me better than this. I mean, Bruce was outside looking in at WWE. WWE was not on his radar. Is that fair? So, he wasn’t making a decision based on WWE. Eric wasn’t making that decision.”

Thank you too My World with Jeff Jarrett with an h/t to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.


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