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Jade Cargill Training With Former NXT Champion Ahead Of WWE Debut

Jade Cargill continues her preparations for her first-ever WWE match.

Following Jade Cargill’s shock departure from AEW back in September, many fans familiar with her work are eagerly anticipating that first match on Raw, SmackDown or NXT. Although the recent signee has made multiple appearances across all 3 brands and at Premium Live Events, Jade Cargill is yet to have that first match.

Training hard at the Performance Center ahead of the debut, Jade Cargill is preparing alongside an NXT superstar who has won multiple championships for the developmental brand. As reported by Wrestle Purists, former NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez is helping Jade Cargill train for her first WWE match. It is noted that although Roxanne Perez is younger than Jade Cargill, the NXT superstar is much more experienced and “has strong fundamentals.” Roxanne Perez has been wrestling since 2018, training at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion and wrestling in Ring of Honor before being signed to the NXT roster in 2022.

While multiple sources have provided the occasional update on Jade Cargill’s progress behind the scenes, only a select few truly know when and where the long awaited debut will take place. It should also be noted that Jade Cargill’s cameo appearances have since slowed down, with the last appearance taking place at NXT Halloween Havoc, as Jade Cargill watched Becky Lynch shockingly lose the NXT Women’s Championship.

Why Hasn’t Jade Cargill Debuted Yet?

While some fans are happy to wait for the inevitable high-profile debut to take place, others have grown increasingly impatient with the lack of ring time for the recent signee. Answering the critics who want to see her wrestle, Jade Cargill recently commented on why she has not wrestled since signing with WWE.


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