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Welcome guys to this weeks edition of AEW Collision. We have 7 matches and a main event title match so lets kick things off with our opening contest.



Strong hits a knee to the midsection and unloads on Rush in the corner. Huge chop to the chest. Choke against the ropes, but Strong breaks before 5. Lio tries to fight back, cut off with another knee to the midsection. Gutbuster connects from Strong followed by a huge chop. Release butterfly suplex, and now Strong pulls back the arm.


Lio avoids an irish whip into the buckles, sends Strong to the outside, suicide dive connects followed by another. Back in the ring, Lio gets a 2 count and applies a sleeper. Strong gets to his feet, backs into the corner to break the hold. Snapmare by Lio, chinlock applied. Lio up on the buckles, but Strong pulls him off into a backbreaker across the knee.


Strong grounds Rush and locks in a half Camel Clutch, but Lio fights out of it with a chinbreaker. Strong quickly regains control with an Olympic Slam, which gets a 2. Rush is whipped into the buckles, falling to the outside, where Taven gets in a cheap shot. Strong drops to his knees and waits for Lio to crawl back in the ring. He goes for a suplex, Lio avoids it and avoids a series of offense, eventually getting a spin kick to the head on Strong. Rollup by Rush for 2, satellite DDT follows and gets a 2. Lio goes up top, Taven gets up on the apron for the distraction, but it’s not enough, and Lio hits a moonsault to the outside to take both members out but Strong follows up with a dive of his own. In the ring, Rush avoids the End of Heartache, gets the bottom rope stunner but kick out at 2.



Lio Rush again takes out Taven and Bennet, he goes for the frog splash but Strong gets the knees up and End of Heartache connects and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: Roderick Strong


Roderick Strong is absolutely on fire in this role. Rush did what he needed to do but this was all about making Roderick Strong look incredible and it worked perfectly.




Garcia is wrestling so Daddy Magic joins the announcer’s desk. Henry and Shibata start out, Henry backs Shibata into the ropes and whips off a few kicks, but Shibata hits a kitchen sink and a PK. Tag to Garcia, running stomp connects on Henry. Garcia is backed into the corner, tag to Drake, who chops Garcia hard. Garcia dodges a chop and hits strikes and a low dropkick before Shibata tags in, only for Henry to trip him. Drake capitalises with a shining wizard.



Henry and Shibata in again now, knees to the midsection from Henry, but an STO from Shibata allows him to tag in Garcia. A trio of swinging neckbreakers connect for Garcia, they trade go-behinds, but Drake tags himself in, spinning side slam to Garcia and a kick out at 2.


Drake tags in and they both double team Garcia with clubbing blows in the corner. Garcia fires up after a chop and hits a back drop driver on JD Drake! He makes the tag to Shibata as Henry comes in too. Running boot to the face on Henry. Pump kick to Drake, and now Shibata gets the running corner dropkick to Henry, followed by the floatover suplex for a 2 count. Garcia back in as Shibata softens Henry up for him and Garcia dances. Double knees in the corner and the sitout powerbomb get a 2, but Drake makes the save. Drake sends Shibata outside. Belly to belly suplex on Garcia! Henry with running knees in the corner! Double stomp from Henry, and Drake goes to the top rope and lands the moonsault but again kick out at 2. Shibata locks in a sleeper on Henry And Garcia locks one in on Drake. Henry escapes, wheelkick to Garcia. Ripcord strike by Shibata, and now Shibata locks the sleeper in on Drake. PK, and the jacknife from Garcia and heres the 1 2 3.


Here is your Winners: Daniel Garcia & Katsuyori Shibata



Yes Shibata and Garcia was always winning this one but we need to take a moment to appreciate the workhorsemen. They are so underrated its criminal. Lets give them a push and see what they can really do.



They grapple as the bell rings, Rosa grounds Dorada and gets a front facelock. Arm drag from Dorada, one in return from Rosa. Arm drag off the ropes from Rosa now, stepping up her game. Snap suplex and a cover gets a 2 for Rosa. They trade chops, until Rosa floors Dorada with a forearm, really laying into her. Dominator but kick out at 2. Rosa locks in the submission  and Dorada has no choice but to tap.


Here is your Winner: Thunder Rosa



This was a glorified squash for Rosa. Nothing more to add.




Lione pounces at the bell and throws Gee across the ring and KM tags himself in, but runs into a one arm spinebuster from Cage. German suplex, and deadlift suplexing KM from the apron back inside the ring.



Rose dives in with a crossbody, gets caught, tossed overhead. Kaun in, big right hand connects. Dropkick to Rose. Triple team move from the Cage of Agony with a three-man vertical biel and Rose almost goes into orbit. That’s it, 1, 2, 3.


Here is your Winners: Cage of Agony


We have seen this before too many times. Big build up. Squash squash squash but then lose the big one. Lets hope this time is different.




Johnny with a kick to the gut to start the match, Claudio catches him on a jump and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Castagnoli with the hammerlock, Johnny with a leg trip and knee to the face in retaliation. Kick to the back of the head, tries for a neckbreaker but Castagnoli gets a backslide for 2. Stalling double stomp connects, 1, 2, no. Johnny slides away out of harm’s way, but Castagnoli deadlifts him into a stalling suplex.  Claudio signals for the Giant Swing, Taya grabs the hands of Johnny but gets pulled into the ring. Johnny with a low blow and the rebounding kick off the ropes but only gets a 2. Johnny sends Claudio to the floor and dumps Claudio onto the apron. Johnny and Taya kiss, but Claudio interrupts and sends Johnny into the barricade, following with a running uppercut.



Johnny is seated on a chair, Claudio runs and hits a double stomp onto Johnny’s lap through the chair! Taya distracts him, allowing Johnny to take control. Back in the ring, kicks to the chest, front facelock into a guillotine from Johnny. Castagnoli tries to lift him out of it, Johnny hangs on. Claudio manages to headbutt his way out of it and hits a capture suplex. Running boot to the face gets a 2 for Claudio. Castagnoli goes for the swing but Johnny gets a quick rollup for 2. Johnny hits the Moonlight Drive, gets a 2. Taya slaps Claudio but that wakes him up and he uppercuts Johnny. Claudio gets in the face of Taya, Johnny with a torneo over the ropes to the floor below. He goes for Starship Pain back in the ring but Claudio shoves him forward to crotch him. Claudio with a reverse suplex off the buckles but kick out at 2.


Sharpshooter locked in, Taya again gets involved to hold the hands of Johnny but she gets dragged in again. Johnny tries a low blow but Claudio catches the leg and finally nails the Giant Swing, followed by a running clothesline for the 3.


Here is your Winner: Claudio Castagnoli


Johnny TV needs to change his name to Johnny Jobber because that seems to be all he is used for now. This match was fun. Taya interferences got slightly boring but no shocks in the result.



Isaacs & Moriarty start off against each other, dropkick to the face of Isaacs. Dragon screw from Nelson, sliding clothesline from Isaacs, and Nelson gets a pinfall attempt for 2. Lee gets a flatliner into the buckles on Isaacs, before tagging in Taylor. Big chop to Isaacs. Isaacs with right hands, knee to the face and a tag to Nelson, who attempts to knock Taylor down. Dropkick connects but Taylor won’t go down. Shoulder block by Nelson, leaping knee but a headbutt from Taylor and a uranage, followed by a running splash get a 2 count, and Isaacs has to make the save.


Moriarty holds Isaacs back on the floor while Taylor and Nelson fight in the ring. Nelson dives off the ropes and it met by a big right hand from Taylor, followed by the package piledriver and this one is all over.


Here is your Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions



Shane Taylor is one of the best big men in AEW. That is all.






No ground given up in the early portion, as neither man gives an inch. Will flips out of an armlock and grounds O’Reilly with a side headlock. Kyle heads to the apron to recuperate. Kyle gets a leg trip on Ospreay, stands on the back. Ospreay with a hurracanrana, O’Reilly heads to the floor and Ospreay follows up with a springboard crossbody.


Back in the ring, abdominal stretch applied as Ospreay hooks the leg round to lock in an Octopus stretch. Backbreaker connects and gets a 2 count for Ospreay.  Ospreay is chopping O’Reilly against the ropes. He goes for a handspring but O’Reilly is right there to kick the arm. Leg sweep keeps Kyle in control, and he drives some elbows into the ribs, even grabbing the nose and pulling back. We see Daniel Garcia scouting the match backstage. Ospreay with forearms and chops to escape, and he gets a springboard forearm for 2, but that arm is hurting him now.


Ospreay and O’Reilly battle onto the apron, double underhook from Ospreay, Kyle blocks it. Kicks to the face from Ospreay, but O’Reilly grabs the arm and hits an arm wringer, slamming it right into the apron. Ospreay gets caught in the ropes, and O’Reilly dives off the buckles with a knee drop to take advantage of the situation. 1, 2, no. Kimura lock attempted, Ospreay is by the ropes and Kyle has to break it.


Sunset flip by Ospreay, but O’Reilly sits out into an armbar. Again, Ospreay manages to roll to the ropes, but the arm is bothering him even more. O’Reilly whips him arm-first into the barricade and hits a running dropkick.


With a hammerlock applied, Will is again thrown backwards into the barricade, before O’Reilly casually brings him back inside the ring. Another arm wringer connects, followed by a PK. O’Reilly is relentless on that arm with wrist control but Ospreay tries to fight it. He eats a boot to the face and hits a step up kick and manages a suplex on Kyle. Tiger Driver, 1, 2 kickout. Body slam by Ospreay as he heads up to the top rope…Kyle is up, kicks the legs out from under him. O’Reilly grabs the arm and draping armbar over the top rope. Enziguri by Ospreay though, and he goes back up, goes for a 450 but O’Reilly rolls out of the way. O’Reilly follows up on an Oscutter attempt with a kick. O’Reilly sweeps the legs, Ospreay avoids it and kips up into an enziguri and both guys go down.



Kyle attempts a triangle choke, elbows to the head too. Transitions into the armbar, but no, Ospreay lifts him with the bad arm, powerbomb. Roundhouse kicks by Ospreay and he goes for a Tiger Driver but O’Reilly escapes and hits a capture suplex for 2. PK again, but Ospreay right back up for the Hidden Blade. Both guys down, until Ospreay gets back to his feet, and O’Reilly catches another Hidden Blade attempt with a knee to the face.


On their knees, they trade headbutts, then forearms. Roaring elbow gives O’Reilly the upper hand, sitout stunner by Ospreay. Rebound lariat connects for O’Reilly, Ospreay with the hidden blade, 1, 2, no! Ospreay goes straight for the Stormbreaker, hits it and theres the 3 count.


Here is your Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Will Ospreay:



20 minutes of AEW showcasing why they say they are where the best wrestle. There is much left to be said about Ospreay and O’Reilly showed he belongs at the top. Great match. Obvious result but excellent stuff


This was an excellent episode of Collision finished off with one hell of a main event. Thanks for joining me this week guys. See you next week.


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