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Welcome guys to this weeks double header of wrestling. We’re starting with Collision and then heading straight into Battle of the Belts 10. So let’s kick this off with collision and our opening contest and we have Matt Menard on commentary so it’s a yes from me straight away.


Matt Sydal is stepping in for Darius in this match because he is getting his pilots licence today.Andretti and Matthews start this one out, with Matthews grounding Andretti, working on the arm. Dropkick by Andretti and a tag to Sydal, who goes for a quick rollup for 2. Black in, gets armdragged by Sydal, and in comes Martin. Monkey flip on Black and a flying senton to Black takes him down. Black boots Martin down, tag to Brody King, who destroys all three men. Double dropkick from Sydal and Martin but Brody clotheslines them both.


Andretti searches for a poisonrana on King, Black kicks him in the chest, and King lands a massive assisted German. King with a suicide dive to the outside. Back inside the ring, it's Matthews and Andretti, and HoB gets two with a pump kick. Andretti flips behind Matthews, scores an enziguri, and tags Sydal. Buddy with a headscissors, a leg lariat, and a rising knee to Black, but Black responds with a chest kick. Sydal hits King with a run-up, low bridge, knocking him to the floor. Buddy grabbed Sydal and powerbombed him onto Malakai Black's knees.


House of Black all in the ring now, but Top Flight deliver a series of superkicks. Rising Knee to Martin, Meteora to Matthews, springboard elbow by Andretti to Black, King with a huge clothesline. Martin makes the save on the pinfall attempt. 450 from Andretti but King kicks out at 1. King catches a Meteora from Sydal, and throws him into the corner. Canonball along with stereo dropkicks from Matthews and Blackand this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: House of Black

House of black get the win in a really fun opening match but no doubt they will lose at Dynasty and completely kill momentum again. I feel they just don’t know what to do with House of Black because they are just so good.


Anthony Ogogo joins the commentary desk for this match. Moriarty and Shibata grapple in the early goings, Lee gets the ropes and Shibata gives a clean break. Moriarty rolls into a rear naked choke, but Shibata escapes. Shibata attempts a Figure Four, Moriarty tries to block it but Shibata powers through. Lee gets the ropes again to break the hold and rolls to the outside. Shibata follows, Ogogo gets involved and hits Shibata with a straight right hand while Shane Taylor has the referee distracted.

Back in the ring, Shibata shrugs off a series of chops and delivers some forearms in the corner. Chops to the throat and the running corner dropkick to follow. Butterfly suplex gets a 2 count. Moriarty applies an abdominal stretch, Shibata reverses into one of his own. Backdrop driver by Shibata. Kneelift by Moriarty, running boot by Shibata. They trade boots until Shibata gets a pump kick, before avoiding a number of suplex attempts. Big slap takes Lee to the mat, and the PK ends this one.


Here is your Winner: Katsuyori Shibata



Not a bad match. Two very good athletes getting an opportunity to show what they can do.




Angelico starts with an arm whip and gloats about it. Garcia does a snapmare and sweeps the legs, prompting Angelico to call a timeout. Angelico's Mahistral cradle earns a 2, and he follows up with a back suplex. Garcia uses a Figure Four leglock, but Angelico reverses the pressure. They alternately reverse the strain before rolling to the ropes and kicking each other. Kicks are traded, Angelico with his right hand and Garcia with a swinging neckbreaker, but his knee is giving him trouble.


Double underhook suplex by Garcia connects and he follows up in the corner with mounted punches, and he dances, grinding his crotch in the face of Angelico! Garcia with another back suplex, picks the leg and gets the leglock and Angelico taps out.


Here is your Winner: Daniel Garcia

Nice to see both these guys back on tv. Garcia still massively over with the crowd. Now he needs something serious.



Lockup to begin, Storm throws AZM face first to the mat. Storm sweeps the legs, but AZM fights back with forearms to the chest. Storm laughs off AZM’s attacks until AZM stomps on the feet. Shoulder block by Storm connects, running kicks by AZM and a dropkick. Running stomp gets a 1 count for AZM, but Storm then gets a hip attack to AZM on the apron, knocking her to the floor.


AZM to the apron, running PK to the face of Storm. AZM to the top rope now, shotgun dropkick sends Storm across the ring. Stungun over the ropes by Storm to regain control though. Storm with a hard kick to the midsection, laying into her in the corner, standing on AZM’s head. Pendulum backbreaker gets a 2 for Storm, and she locks in a modified sleeper with the arm trapped behind until AZM gets the ropes.


Forearm shots from both women.Kick by AZM.  Headbutt from Storm, flying tiltawhirl headscissors by AZM and a big spin kick to the head and both women down. AZM captures the leg and hits a leg-trap German suplex. AZM up top, diving shotgun dropkick to the side of the head while Storm is grounded. Storm with the Sky High gets 2. AZM counters another suplex, gets a pinning combination for 2. German suplex from Storm followed Storm Zero and this one is over.


Here is your Winner: Toni Storm


Now let me watch that again and again. What a match. Nothing else to say. Just excellent from both women.



Hobbs and Fletcher attack the BCC upon entering the ring. Claudio uppercuts Hobbs on the ramp while Danielson gets a running dropkick to Fletcher against the barricade. Yes Kicks to Kyle, Claudio holds him back allowing Danielson to deliver a running boot to the face. They turn their attention to Hobbs double teaming him on the floor. Danielson clothesline’s Kyle over the barricade, while Claudio brings Hobbs back into the ring.


Hobbs and Castagnoli trade forearms, Hobbs cuts him off with a knee to the midsection but Castagnoli right back with a scoop slam. Claudio hangs Hobbs out to the dry on the ropes, and Danielson gets a diving knee across the back of the neck to follow. Danielson surfboards the legs of Hobbs and hits the knee stomps, tagging Castagnoli back in. Wishbone legsplit, Claudio goes for a suplex but Hobbs reverses and then makes the tag to Fletcher.


Fletcher receives a European uppercut in the corner, mounted punches to follow, but Kyle tosses Claudio to the floor, attacking him against the barricade. Shoulders to the midsection in the ring, Hobbs in with clotheslines in the corner. Front Chancery prevents Claudio from making the tag, and a lariat grounds Castagnoli. Fletcher with mounted punches of his own now until Claudio drops him on the buckles. Kyle takes out Bryan on the apron, but Claudio is right there to capitalise with a German suplex.


All four men go out into the crowd to brawl. Danielson gets Kyle back into the ring, and Kyle hits a brainbuster for two. Kyle fires shots to the head before following Danielson to the floor and delivering a HARD chop to the chest. And again. Kyle Fletcher removes the protective padding around the ring, exposing the concrete floor but its Danielson with  a back body drop.


Hobbs gets Danielson up but Danielson escapes. Hot tag to Claudio, series of uppercuts in the corner. Fletcher tries to assist Hobbs but receives uppercuts for good measure. Claudio runs between both men with uppercuts before clotheslining Kyle out of the ring, and he gets the Giant Swing on Hobbs! Sharpshooter locked in! Fletcher back in, Claudio eats the kicks and then Danielson dives into a thrust kick from Kyle. Pop-up uppercut takes out Kyle, Spinebuster by Hobbs gets 2. All four men in the ring now, slugfest on their knees.


Danielson hits a suicide dive on Fletcher. Castagnoli with a Death Valley Driver on Hobbs, 1, 2, NO! Hobbs won’t go down on some clotheslines, but a running clothesline gets the job done. Claudio looks for a Neutralizer, can’t get it, Kyle trips him, allowing Hobbs to hit the World’s Strongest Slam…but Danielson makes the save! Danielson tossed back outside, Hobbs grabs a steel chair and stalks Danielson, but the referee grabs the chair away. Hobbs walks into some kicks from Danielson, but Kyle dives onto Danielson from the ring. Claudio uppercuts Hobbs across the announce table, then hits a headscissors off the table to Kyle! Back in the ring, neutralizer from Claudio and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson



Great main event. All four men are excellent and just worked so well. Kyle Fletcher is the future. The sky is the limit for this guy but BCC was always winning this one.


A really solid show from Collision and were not done yet as were heading straight into Battle of the Belts.




 We got three matches for you on this episode of Battle of the Belts. Are we finally going to see a new champion crowned on one of these episodes as this is the 10th version and still no new champions. Let’s see how this one goes.



Hook is simply jabbing away at Taylor and He tries to pick up Taylor twice without success. Taylor charged at Hook and sent him over the top rope. Hook is now on the outside, banging Taylor's head onto the steel steps. Hook follows up with powerful knee strikes to the face. Taylor is thrown back into the ring, where Taylor catches him with a few of blows to the face and belly. Taylor delivers a powerful chop to the chest. That chop sounded like a gunshot, and Taylor followed up with another! Hook fires a gut shot to the chest before returning with his own chops. Hook attempts to perform another suplex, but Taylor is too large for him.


 Taylor with a headbutt to Hook Then another chop and is hung across the top rope. Taylor delivers a leg drop on the apron. More body blows follow, and the referee may have to step in if Hook is unable to protect himself. Taylor demands that Hook quit, or he will be delivered to his father in a corpse bag. Taylor misses a strike as Hook attempts a back suplex.


Another no-go as Hook lights him up with strikes and a clothesline, followed by a suplex. Hook follows up with a t-bone suplex as Taylor kicks out at two. Taylor chokeslams him and connects with a body splash from the middle rope for a near fall. Taylor misses a few strikes as Hook applies REDRUM. Taylor hits the ropes as Hook continues to hold on. Taylor finally drops to the canvas to briefly release the hold. Taylor slaps it back on as Taylor taps out!!


Here is your Winner:HOOK

Shane Taylor does not get the credit he deserves. He is so good. And Hook just continues to get better and better every week. Great opening match for Battle of the Belts.





We begin with a lockup as Strong applies a side headlock. Romero reverses with an abdominal stretch. An excellent series of wrist holds, chops, and reversals follow. Romero with a nice leg scissors takedown. Romero hits a one-handed meteora from the top rope. Strong stuns him with a backbreaker for a near fall. The two men exchange near falls, and more strikes as soon as Strong falls outside the ring. Romero hits a shotgun dropkick. Rocky hits a dive between the ropes and crashes into Matt Taven.

Rocky follows up on Strong by hitting sliced bread. A big clothesline follows, and Strong reverses a third clothesline with a clothesline of his own followed by a dropkick. Strong goes in for the cover as it’s a near fall. Rocky hits a hurricana and a spinning DDT for a near fall. Both men now fighting on the top rope as Romero hits an avalanche sliced bread for another near fall. Rocky climbs the top, but Strong stops him. Rocky flies off the top as Strong hits him with a knee to the face and that’s a knockout. 1 2 3 and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner:Roderick Strong

I love Roderick Strong. He needs to keep this belt for a long time and continue to shine like he is. Its going to be very interesting when Adam Cole returns because at the moment Strong is leading the Kingdon so well and is becoming the star of the group.




A tie-up as both women are tumbling around the canvas and into the corners. Velvet hits a wristlock, followed by a side headlock. Velvet hits a dropkick, followed by a couple of pretty arm drags. Velvet hits a big leg lariat and Velvet is sent back first into the ring apron. Athena is sent between the ropes, and Velvet connects with her knees to the champion’s back. Velvet receives a near fall for her efforts as Athena hits a rollup, a pick-through, and is reversed as Velvet almost picks up the win.

Velvet with an upkick to Athena from the top rope. Velvet hits a leg scissor flip/drop, followed by a spinning kick and a spiked DDT. Another near fall occurs when Velvet climbs to the top rope, but Athena rolls out. Velvet tries for a body splash but is caught as Athena suplexes her. Athena hits a pump kick as Velvet is tossed into the LED boards. Velvet with a thrust kick inside the ring as Athena rocks her  in the face. Athena takes to the sky and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner:Athena

Another great match. A solid main event. Both women showing what they can do. Loved it.


This was an excellent Battle of the Belts but yet again another Battle of the Belts and no titles change hands. Make that 10 shows with no title changes. Its getting a bit silly now.

Thanks for joining me this week guys. See you next week.


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