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We've got three hours of action to get through so let's kick this off. AEW Collision followed by Battle of the Belts IX.


Grapple to begin, Copeland wrings the arm, into a headlock takeover. Copeland escapes a headscissor attempt and goes right back to the headlock. Backs Lee into the corner, kick to the midsection and a throw into the turnbuckle. Lee is sent to the apron, Copeland sweeps the legs and tries to suplex Lee back in the ring, but Moriarty drops the arm over the ropes. Lee to the middle rope, shotgun dropkick back in the ring.

Moriarty uses the ropes to choke Copeland, and Shane Taylor with a clothesline on the outside. Back in the ring, Lee works on the arm of Copeland, applies an armbar. Back to their feet, Copeland hits a Full Nelson Slam. Facebuster by Copeland , tries for the Impaler DDT but Lee avoids it and Copeland hits the reverse DDT for 2.

Copeland up top, Lee meets him there and an arm drag off the top from Moriarty. Border City Stretch by Lee, but Copeland reaches the ropes. Sledgehammer blows to the back of Lee, draped over the buckles, and now Copeland with an avalanche fallaway slam from the top rope. Copeland is looking for the Spear but Shane Taylor distracts. Lee misses a springboard, Adam to the floor and he spears Taylor. But Moriarty heads outside with a Tope. Back inside, Lee again gets the Border City Stretch, but Copeland fights out of it again. Grounded punches by Adam, backbreaker, and a modified crossface applied, Schiavone calls it the Grand House. And this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Adam Copeland

Nice to see Moriarty getting some TV time. Guy has serious talent. Copeland will continue to win these open challenges until his rematch with Cage. Will be exciting though having Copeland mix it up with different guys each week. He is now 2 for 2.




Archer and Cage immediately go face to face and trade blows. Knee to the gut by Archer, but a suplex in response from Cage. Big headscissors by Cage, but Lance Archer straight back with a  clothesline. Chokeslam attempt but Cage slips behind and nails a German suplex, tagging in Kaun. Crossbody by Archer, and a tag to Vincent. Flying forearm takes Kaun down and gets a 1 count for Vincent.

Body slam by Kaun and a senton gets a 2. Hip attack in the corner, tag to Liona and some quick double team offense. Liona places Vincent across the top turnbuckle and repeatedly knees him in the midsection, tag to Kaun. Vincent fights back but in come all 6 men.

Everyone battles on the outside now, with Vincent sending Kaun into the barricade. Liona rebounds Cage’s face off the apron. Back in the ring, it’s Archer and Cage again, until Cage back out. Now we get Dutch and Liona face to face in the ring. They trade chops and then shoulder blocks as the ‘MEAT’ chants begin. Clotheslines by Dutch, big one in return by Liona. Vincent takes Liona to the floor and springboard crossbodies on to him. Back in the ring, Vincent drops down, allowing Dutch to hit a running crossbody on Kaun. Tag to Archer but Kaun gets a DDT to create space. Nope, Vincent and Dutch in, but Kaun springs off Vincent for a dropkick on Dutch.  Archer with a chokeslam on Kaun. Cage in for a DVD on Archer. Russian Leg Sweep on Cage by Vincent, Liona in for a samoan drop. Boss Man Slam by Dutch on Liona. Dutch takes a run up and hits a tope con hilo to all three opponents on the outside.

In the ring, Archer looks for the Blackout but Nana gets involved, only for Jake Roberts to punch Prince Nana right in the face. Archer tags in Vincent, flying headbutt to Liona. Spinning Uranagi on Cage by Archer. Guillotine by Vincent on Kaun, but Kaun drives him into the buckles. Gates of Agony get the double team faceplant on Vincent. Twisting neckbreaker by Cage on Archer. Kaun gets a backslide on Vincent, transitions into the Pedigree and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: The Gates of Agony and Brian Cage

Well that was an incredibly fun match. Blink and you missed things. Non stop action all the way through. Post match Prince Nana lays out a challenge to the Bang Bang Gang for the trios titles on Dynamite next week.



Arm drag by Mack, and one in return by Rhodes. BIG chop from Mack, throat thrust by Dustin and a rollup for 2. To their feet, and both men shake hands, but Mack takes advantage and backs Rhodes into the corner for another big chop. Dropkick from Mack, mocks the Goldust pose and nails a standing moonsault for 2. Rhodes with a shot to the face, Superkick by Mack! Mack up top, frog splash misses! Canadian Destroyer by Dustin followed by a powerslam.

Enziguri in the corner by Willie Mack, but a boot to the face by Dustin. Cross Rhodes connects! Spinning neckbreaker slam delivered to Mack for the 3.

Your winner by pinfall: Dustin Rhodes

A very random squash match. Nothing more to add for this one.




Both men lock up and Drake backs him into the corner, pie facing Page. Page comes right back with a flurry of forearms. Drake off the ropes, shoulder block, dropkick by Page, and a side headlock takeover to ground Drake. To their feet, Drake fires off a big chop, and another in the corner. Page and Drake trade chop attempts in the corner, and Page ascends the ropes for the 10 count punches…no, Drake interrupts and tries to walk out with a powerbomb but Page continues the punches. Standing SSP by Page! He dropkicks Drake to the outside, follows through with a crossbody but misses, and Drake sits him on the apron and hits him with a short-arm clothesline. Drake sends Page back into the ring as we head to PIP break.


Splash in the corner by Drake, drops Page and hits the Vader Bomb for 2! Kick to the spine on Hangman, headbutt. Drake follows Page to the outside and drives him into the barricade, nailing a chop for good measure. Forearm shot sends Page to a seated position, but Page fights back and sits Drake in the chair, only for Drake to drop Page on the barricade…and Anthony Henry comes in out of nowhere with a huge running leg lariat with the ref distracted. Page makes it back in the ring at the count of 9.

Shining Wizard connects for Drake, and a senton for 1, 2, no! Both men to their feet, trading forearms now. Drake is reeling against the ropes, low bridge, and Hangman with the springboard lariat and a springboard crossbody which connects this time. Drake sent back in, Page to the top rope, diving crossbody, 1, 2, no! Drake talks a bit of trash once they get to their feet, and they take turns delivering clotheslines. Page is sent outside but skins the cat, comes back with a clothesline and in a feat of strength gets Drake up on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver. Page is looking for the Deadeye but Drake with clubbing blows to the back. Drake tries for a piledriver but Page flips him over. Belly to belly suplex by Drake followed by the canonball in the corner. Drake goes up top, moonsault, but he misses! Page to the apron, moonsaults onto Henry, and comes straight back with the Buckshot Lariat to take JD Drake out for the pin

Here is Your winner by pinfall: Hangman Adam Page


Adam Page building up momentum and looking absolutely incredible. JD Drake does not get the credit he deserves. He certainly did not look out of place in the ring with Page.



Deonna with an arm drag to start but Velvet gets one of her own. Velvet tries for a superkick by Purrazzo avoids it and shakes the finger at her. Nice leg lariat by Velvet just gets a 1. Purrazzo looks for the Fujiwara armbar but Velvet gets the ropes with her feet. Purrazzo with a baseball dropkick to the outside to knock Velvet down, before sliding her back in the ring. Flatliner into the Koji Clutch, but she lets go, and Velvet rebounds Purrazzo off the ropes. Velvet with arm work of her own, bending the arm back and stomping on it before administering grounded punches.

Velvet gets a Japanese armdrag on Deonna for 2, before wrapping the arm around the ropes for some added leverage. Velvet with blows to the midsection and a seated armbar, but Deonna gets to her feet and nails some chops. Bicycle kick by Purrazzo, pump kick in return from Velvet, and one from Deonna! Russian Leg Sweep by Purrazzo, into the Fujiwara armbar…but Velvet rolls her into a pinning combination. 1, 2, no. Purrazzo keeps the hold applied and traps the other arm, rearing back for the Venus de Milo and Red Velvet has no choice but to tap.

Your winner by submission: Deonna Purrazzo

I am so excited that Deonna is on AEW. She is an absolute star and a future womens champion. That’s a fact. By the end of the year Deonna will be womens champion. Im calling it now.





Dax starting things off against Buddy Matthews. Chops in the corner by Matthews, and chops in return by Dax. Leg drop by Dax and a clothesline, tag to Wheeler. They catapult Matthews into the ropes and a suplex to follow up for Cash. Garcia in now, but receives a boot to the face and now in comes Black. Armdrag by Black into an armbar, Garcia with an armbar of his own, Black goes for Black Mass but Garcia sits down to avoid it and Black looks like he’s about to dance! But no, he flips off Garcia instead.

Brody King in taking on all three men and FTR clothesline him over the ropes, allowing FTR and Garcia to sit cross legged as House of Black regroup on the outside.

Black and Cash in the ring now, wristlock takeover by Black, but Cash escapes, only to get pulled into the House of Black corner. King in now, quick tag to Matthews for a double team. Buddy with uppercuts in the corner and a kick to the spine followed by a vertical suplex for 1. Black in again, Cash tags Dax, who tags Garcia for a double team suplex. Garcia gets distracted by Buddy, and Black delivers a kick, tagging in Buddy to capitalise. Abdominal stretch applied by Matthews, but Garcia manages to hip toss Buddy over the ropes to the floor. Tag to Cash, and a tag to King. Dropkicks by Cash, dropkicks to the non-legal members of HoB, and a blind tag by Dax. Dax and Cash with multiple clotheslines to King, sweeping the legs with the High-Low finally to get him down.

Dax chops the chest of King but that seems to fire him up. King misses a big boot but doesn’t miss a Choke Bomb, which gets a 2. Dax is sent chest first into the buckles before Brody tags in Black. Snapmare and a knee drop by Malakai. Dax gets to the top rope, goes for a diving headbutt but Black avoids it. Buddy in, working over the leg of Dax. Dax is sent to the floor and Brody whips him into the barricade.

House of Black work over Dax in the corner with a series of quick tags, and Buddy and Black both send him shoulder first into the ringpost. Scoop slam by Black gets a 2 count. Dax tries to rally back with a sleeper but Buddy backdrops him out of it. Dax fights out of the corner but double kicks to the chest from Black and Buddy stop the tag. Dax avoids some right hands and hits the desperation DDT! And he makes the tag to Garcia

Garcia slugs it out with Black, Buddy joins in and Garcia takes them both on. Shining Wizard to Buddy! Black sent to the outside, leaving Garcia and King in. Garcia to the apron as King gets him in the sleeper, but Garcia judo throws him overhead to the floor! Garcia holds open the ropes, allowing Cash to nail a suicide dive! Brainbuster on Black by Garcia, 1, 2, NO.

Garcia is rolled up by Black for 2, and walks into a boot from Buddy…and here comes Brody King to go face to face with Garcia. Choke Bomb attempt but Garcia gets the guillotine choke, no King shrugs him off. FTR hold King up in position for a TRIPLE TEAM PILEDRIVER! Garcia spikes him, that was awesome. Huge powerslam on Buddy by Cash. All six men are now down after this wild sequence

House of Black have all three opponents in differing corners, taking them to the top rope. But FTR and Garcia fight out of it. Garcia has Black on his shoulders as Dax climbs the ropes and nails a double team diving bulldog in an ode to the Steiners! 1, 2, NO! Dax has Black back up on the buckles, looking for the Power and the Glory, but Matthews shoves Cash to the floor. But Garcia is up and ready for it! Superplex by Dax, Garcia dives off for the splash but Black got the knees up.

Black gets a kneebar on Dax out of nowhere, grapevining the ankle, but Dax gets the ropes. Garcia is launched into the timekeeper’s table on the outside. King backs up and hits the running crossbody against the barricade on Cash. In the ring it’s Dax and Black, both heading to the top rope. Malakai moonsaults to Garcia on the floor and Buddy tags himself in for a sunset powerbomb. 1, 2, no, Dax with a pin combo of his own. They trade pinfalls, but Dax gets a stump piledriver on Buddy for 2.

Dax is distracted by Brody King on one side, turns around and walks into a Black Mass, followed by the curb stomp from Buddy Matthews for the 3.

Your winners by pinfall: House of Black

What a match this was. All 6 men are just incredible and they come together and just work so well. Garcia did not look out of place in this one and I can see this feud continuing and I am here for it.


Cameras in the back catch the start of the street fight for the tag team titles and we are kicking off battle of the belts straight away.



Sammy runs Starks and Bill over with a golf cart. Sammy tries to get a cover on both men, but they kicked out. Sammy now checks on Jericho, who was tossed into some bushes by Big Bill. Sammy is now ramming Bill headfirst into the walls of a production truck. Jericho is back up now and trying to lend a hand as Bill fights them off. Bill has a book bag as he rams it over Sammy’s head. It turns out bricks were inside of it as Bill reveals them. Bill tries throwing a brick at Sammy, but Sammy dodges it in time as it goes through a car window! Sammy and Jericho do a double suplex on Bill onto the car’s roof.  the vehicle belongs to Rhett Titus and he yells at Jericho. I'm Jericho knocks him out with the Judas effect.

Jericho grabs Starks and hits him with a wet floor sign. After being dumped in a laundry bin by Jericho, Starks comes back with a plunger. Starks tosses a Christmas decoration at Jericho before being whipped into a steel gate for a near fall. The action heads into a hallway with some good catering nearby. Sammy is choking out Bill with a sweater. Sammy is tossed into a wall and runs over it like Spider-Man to deliver a superkick to Big Bill! Sammy goes for a fire extinguisher and sprays Starks and Bill with it. Meanwhile, Jericho takes the extinguisher and rams it into Bill’s shoulder. Jericho sprays Bill in the face with a bottle of mustard, and finally, the action spills out to the live arena. Bill rebounds and tries to chokeslam Jericho as Jericho goes for a low blow. Someone whacks Jericho in the head with a kendo stick as Bill powerbombs Jericho through the table. Who hit Jericho? Turns out it was Takeshita. Sammy and Ricky fight by a beam structure as Sammy begins to climb. Some serious height as he goes flying in the air looking for a senton.

Powerhouse Hobbs saves Ricky in time by pulling him away as Sammy lands back first and Starks goes in for the cover and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Big Bill and Ricky Starks

Well that was just absolute chaos. Don Callis family helping Bill and Starks was an interesting factor. Future title shots? Or are they joining the Don Callis family. Jericho needs to take a break now. Let everything die down and get the fans back on side.



Nice lockup and Anna with a few strikes and a takedown before hitting a flipping neck snare. Julia’s head rammed into a corner, but not the second one, as Julia reversed it and was back on offense. Julia with some kicks to the midsection before being reversed by a back heel kick. Anna misses a sidestep kick as both girls exchange blows before Julia hits Anna on her taped right shoulder. The spot sends her off the ropes as Julia tosses her back in and tries for a cover. It’s a near fall as we head into our next set of commercials. We’re back as Anna is fighting with one arm. Anna hits a shot from her right arm to Julia’s face before delivering a sloppy, somewhat lazy kick. Backstabber and a cover attempt as Julia kicks out at two. Julia has a nice STO sweep takedown as she picks up a near fall. Julia rolls over the top of Anna before being tripped up. Anna had another near fall before applying the queenslayer. Julia reverses it and applies a rear naked chokehold from the back. Anna comes to her feet to break free and hits a flatliner. Anna picks up another near fall as her kick is reversed! Julia applies the heartless submission hold to force a tap-out.

Here is your Winner:Julia Hart

Julia Hart is a star. That is all.



The bell rings as Preston hits Cassidy with a lariat to send him rolling out of the ring. Preston tries to roll him back in the ring for the cover. Cassidy comes from out of nowhere with the orange punch to rock Preston. It’s enough to stagger Preston as Cassidy eventually sets him up on the top rope. Preston pushes him off and pulls off a flying shoulder tackle! Cassidy uses his quickness, but Preston catches him with a kick to the face. Cassidy rolls to the outside, where the UK is talking trash at him. Preston brings him back in the ring and hits a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count.

Cassidy delivers a suicide from in-between the ropes successfully. Cassidy to the top rope as he tries for a DDT, but Preston catches him. There is a series of reversals from both men as Preston catches him with a spinebuster! Preston continues his onslaught by stomping on Cassidy. Cassidy returns with a few light taps on Preston’s chest before rocking him with a superkick! Cassidy takes to the top as Preston moves out of the way. Cassidy leaps onto Preston as he hits a fallaway slam that sends Cassidy into the United Kingdom. Preston hits the full nelson back inside the ring as Cassidy breaks the hold and hits the orange punch before hitting beach break! This one is over as the champ retains

Here is your Winner:Orange Cassidy

Preston has serious potential to be a star but was never winning this one.


Post-match, Undisputed Kingdom enters the ring to congratulate Cassidy before beating up Alex, the Assistant, and tossing him outside. Undisputed Kingdom congratulates Cassidy again while telling him his time is almost up as champion to end the show.


Well that was a wild 3 hours of wrestling. Need to have a sit down and breathe now after all that. Excellent shows from AEW this week. However we need to do something about Battle of the Belts. This is the 9th show and a champion has never lost their title on this show. Sort of takes the effect away. No championship is ever really in jeopardy on a show purely about the titles. We need a shock title change on a show to make it mean something because at the moment it just feels like an episode of Rampage.

See you next week guys.



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