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Interesting Lethal Lottery/Joker's Wild Tournament Facts.

AEW has brought back a familiar gimmick in their Blind Eliminator Tag Tournament. Familiar because TNA did this back in 2013-2017 in a series of one off called Joker's Wild. That seems more fitting to AEW than their current title. However, WCW did this at Starrcade in 1991 and various times after that. So far, AEW has announced the following tag teams MJF and Adam Cole, Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee (reunion of Swerve in Our Glory) and lastly Draby Alin and Orange Cassidy. With that said lets look at some previous teams from past tournaments like this. So lets take a look at odd pairings, interesting match ups and other unique things from previous incarnations.

  1. Starting off with an odd opponent aspect. the first macth for Starcade 1991 was Buff Bagwell and Jimmy Garvin against Michael Hayes. Freebird against Freebird. Initially the two men would not battle each other. Hayes would eventually end that truce.

2. Joker's WIld II 2014. Christoper Daniels would preform as both Curry Man and himself. The first match he would face Samoa Joe and Bad Bones. His partner was Robbie E also known as Robert Stone in the WWE. His partner for the second match would be Eric Young. Their opponents now long time tag partner Frankie Kazarian and Ethan Carter III aka EC3.

3. Awesome Kong was the first female to compete in this format at Joker's Wild III. Asya would predate her in the overall concept. She would tag with Rockstar Spud and defeat DJ Z and Samuel Shaw. Rockstar Spud was comedic as always in this match and Awesome Kong was obviously the powerhouse of the team. Thier opponents were also an odd ball team as Samuel Shaw was using the same gimmick he does in the WWE. Then DJ Z was an annoying DJ unlike his current Joaquín Phoenix persona.

4. The WCW Lethal Lottery Tag Tournament 1999-2000 teamed Meng and Fit Finley together. Two tough as nails competitors that had the potential to go all the way. Legitimate bad asses outside the ring. Unfortunately, they lost to The Harris Bothers due to count out in under 3 minutes.

5. This is going to be a blanket entry. WCW 1996 Slamboree was another edition of the Lethal Lottery. The hidden theme for the night seemed to be partner against partner. The first match seen the Road Warrior pitted against each other. The Steiner Brothers would face off in the second match. Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) would be put in a match with the Faces of Fear which consisted of Meng, Barbarian, and Hugh Morrus. DDP's Partner was Barbarian. Arn Anderson faced off against Ric Flair. Flair's partner for the match Randy Savage has been battling Ric Flair for the title over the last few months. Just like the MJF and Adam Cole paring.

6. Sting was dealt an unfortunate hand in 1991. His partner Abdullah the Butcher was more interested in attacking him than winning the match. On top of that Cactus Jack was also after Sting. Leading up to the event Lex Luger had hired the two to injure Sting. Fortunately for Sting in this match his opponents Bobby Eaton and Flyn' Brian Pillman were at odds also. This match was so confusing to the participants that at one point Eaton attempted to tag Abdullah.

7. With the large AEW roster the potential for people who participated in past versions of this concept to enter again. Joker's Wild two interesting potentials is Matt Hardy and Will Ospreay who teamed together at Joker's Wild IV. Albeit Ospreay is contracted to NJPW the working relationship would not prohibit his entry. Matt Hardy is a more likely entry.

8. Starcade 1992 hosted the second Lethal Lottery Tag Tournament. It also saw the Icon competing in three matches that night. First his tag match with Dr. Death Steve WIlliams. Second in a King of Cable Tournament Finale, Then lastly in the Battlebowl that that is the end for all winners of the lethal lottery. Sting would win two out three of those matches. The Great Muta would win the BattleBowl match that year.

9. Kane and Awesome Kong competed in the 1993 edition of the tournament. Well, not the ones that come to mind when you say those names. This Kane was none other than Stevie Ray brother of Booker T and one half of Harlem Heat. The other was a 466 lbs Texan named Dwayne McCullough.

10. Although Sting seemed to be a stalwart of the WCW version he never competed in the TNA Joker's Wild Tournament. Sting sat out the 1996 and the 2000 version of the WCW Lethal Lottery. While Sting was not in the tournament at Slamboree 1996 he did defend the Heavyweight Championship against The Giant aka Paul Wight. Sting was with the various incarnations of TNA from 2003-2014.

Well Ladies, Gentlemen and nonbinary others is ten facts about the concept behind the Blind Eliminator Tournament in AEW. No any others or one stands out above the rest make sure to leave a comment.


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