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Independent Wrestling Announcer Arrested.

An independent wrestling announcer Darren Benedick has been arrested for child enticement and sending lewd images to an underage individual. The arrest was made on July 3, 2024 according to Boston 25 who seems to be the original reporters of this story.

The sting operation occurred in a “teens only” chat room. An undercover cop was posing as a 14 year old girl. The two agreed to meet up on July 3. Benedick was arrested upon arrival. The Salem Academy Charter school for which Benedick works has said none of their students were involved.

Following the arrest, Benedick has been placed on administrative leave from the school. He was hired as a gym and health teacher.

Chaotic Wrestling where Mr. Benedick worked as a commentator has released him due to their Zero Tolerance Policy. You can see their statement below.

Benedick is currently out on $5,000 bail. While on bail he is confined to his house being monitored by a GPS device. Additionally he is to not have contact with minors.

A sting operation is a law enforcement tactic by which an undercover cop catches a suspect in illegal activities. According to the Justice Department (U.S.) a sting operation generally consists of four parts. The parts are: an undercover cop, targeting a likely group who will commit the offense, opportunity, and lastly the arrest. Stings are different from entrapment as entrapment implies coercion and sting is free will.

As always in the US Criminal Justice System, Darren Benedick is presumed innocent until convicted.

Notes from the author

The evidence being presented by the Newbury Police department is that of a reprehensible act. We here at RealRasslin want justice to be served. Adults should never target minors for sexual deeds. That is disgusting. If we find any person to partake in such acts we will not work with them.


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