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In 2023, AEW star Chris Jericho will still be 'Livin' on the Edge'

Even after spending 32 years performing on some of the biggest stages of them all, Chris Jericho still remains professional wrestling's Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla

When AEW was launched on January 1, 2019, one of the top names on the marquee would be longtime WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. The signing of the former multi-time champion and mainstream star added luster to Tony Khan's impressive cavalcade of stars.

For Jericho, All Elite Wrestling represented going back to his beginnings in the business, when he had so much still to prove. Back before he wore sequins under spotlights, and simply toiled away like a member of a garage band. Suddenly, his long and winding road led to him to this new destination. One that promised to be filled with joy, fun, and seasons in the sun.

As he dusted off his leather and lace one more time, Chris Jericho knew he was taking a big chance. He would be starting all over, reinventing himself as he had already done so many times in his storied career. The man who had previously been known by such monikers as The Lionheart, Y2J, and so many other nicknames had to come back with a new act in a whole new place.

Much like rock god David Bowie, he'd also have to do it in a way that would capture everyone's imagination. He would have to show the world that he still burned.

The four years that have followed have not exactly been a magic carpet ride to Xanadu, however.

The promotion has suffered some severe ups and downs, and Jericho has been there through all of it. Often acting as the leader of the band, he's had to step up and be a spokesman in some sticky situations.

Once considered an instant hit, AEW has had a steep fall in the charts recently. 'The Oocho' has been at the forefront, defending the product and its stars. While some may disagree with him, he's still not afraid to get out there, front and center.