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Impact Wrestling Review 22/6/23

This week’s episode of Impact emanates from the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus Ohio.

The action begins this week with an exclusive match on BTI

Jody Threat vs Nevaeh

Threat delivers a series of punches in the corner. Nevaeh fights free and hits a running clothesline, followed by a bulldog, she covers Threat and gets a two. Threat regains control with double knees to the back and a German suplex. Nevaeh retreats to the floor and baits her opponent in. Back in the ring, Nevaeh hits another clothesline, covers Threat and gets a two. Threat soars with aerial offence from the top rope. Threat hits the F-Bomb to remain undefeated at Impact.

An OK match. A nice simple match leading into Impact. Grade C-

We are now on the road to Slammiversary. Impact goes live now!

Match 1: oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) vs Brian Myers and The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)

Before the match, Skyler says OVE stands for Ohio vs. Everything. Well he’ll take everything from tooth decay to an IRS audit over Ohio.

Crist kicks Skyler down to start and hands it off to Callihan for a double spinebuster. Fulton comes in for a double chokeslam/World’s Strongest Slam combination to take his opponents down.

Myers causes a distraction, takes Crist down and the Good Hands drop a double elbow for a two count. Myers comes in with a suplex for one and hits the chinlock. Crist fights up so Skyler comes back in for a slam to cut it off again. A forearm finally gives Crist a breather and he nips up for the tag off to Callihan. Cue Moose to crotch Crist on top so Callihan and Fulton go after him. The distraction lets Myers hit the Roster Cut for the pin.

A decent match, a nice set up for Myers and Moose as a team. I’m happy that oVe are moving away from the Design as that could become very stale, very quickly. Let’s see where these team can now go, especially in regards to any tag team championship opportunities. Grade C+

Backstage Segment:

Eddie Edwards and Frankie Kazarian are backstage. Edwards says that Kazarian can trust him tonight in their tag team match. Kazarian doesn't seem convinced of this, but Edwards swears on the grave of Killer Kowalski that he will not do anything to Kazarian. Kazarian accepts this, but seems still sceptical.

Backstage Segment:

Rich Swann comes to talk to Sami Callihan, Sami is not happy with Swann. He wants to know where Swann was, Swann says that he was busy at Against All Odds. Swann says that he now has Callihan’s back as a top priority. Callihan is happy with this.

Match 2: Dirty Dango vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Dango shoulders Gujjar over to start and dances a bit, allowing Gujjar to come back up with a shoulder. Some dropkicks put Dango on the floor for a slingshot dive but the Gargoyle spear misses. Back inside the ring, Dango hits a layout reverse DDT for the pin.

A quick, uneventful match. Not really much to say about this one. Grade D.

After the match, Santino Marella comes out and attacks Dango with a Cobra.

Backstage Segment:

Nevaeh thanks Jody Threat for having a match with her on BTI. She runs into the Death Dollz backstage, she would love to reunite with her former partner Havok - but Havok has transformed into Jessicka. Nevaeh thinks that she can help the Deth Dollz figure out what happened to their former selves in the Undead Realm.

Backstage Segment:

Zicky Dice has passed his test to become a referee. Johnny Swinger tells him that this is so he can get to 50 wins in his Road to 50.

Match 3: The Design (Kon & Angels) w/Deaner vs Jonathan Gresham & Mike Bailey.

Kon takes out both of his opponents with a double running clothesline. Angels hits Gresham with a Half & Half suplex. Meanwhile, Kon levels Bailey on the outside. Back in the ring, Bailey hits a running Shooting Star on Kon but it doesn’t faze the big man. Gresham hits an assisted pop-up cutter on Angels before Bailey locks in an armbar. Gresham attempts to neutralise Kon with a Sleeper on the floor. Bailey drops Kon with a step-up Moonsault. Angels inadvertently collides with Deaner at ringside. Angels has Bailey beat following a Spanish Fly but Deaner tries to call the shots. Bailey capitalises with the Tornado Kick, followed by Ultima Weapon to win.

An OK match. It looks like we are seeing the implosion of the Design, which I don’t mind happening as the team seems to have run its course. Gresham and Bailey with great chemistry as usual. Grade C

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is interviewing Trinity. SHe asks her if she is worried about her championship match becoming a 3-way match with the addition of Gisele Shaw - if Shaw is able to beat Purrazzo on the Down Under Tour. Trinity predicts that Purrazzo will handle her business and the match will remain a singles match. Trinity challenges Jai Vidal to a match next week.

Backstage Segment:

Jimmy Jacobs reads out a statement that was written by Nick Aldis, following his attack on the Impact World Champion Alex Shelley last week. The statement reads that Aldis will not be present tonight's episode of Impact after he has received threats and harassment on social media and at his home. Alex Shelley appears and says he wants Aldis here. Jacobs says that Aldis will be here next week. Shelley leaves, but returns instantly and delivers a superkick to Jacobs, sending a message to Aldis.

Match 4: Taylor Wilde w/KiLynn King vs Killer Kelly

Wilde distracts the referee, allowing King to send Kelly crashing to the floor. Wilde locks in a surfboard submission before choking Kelly on the middle rope. Kelly turns the tide with a double underhook suplex, followed by a running dropkick. Kelly counters Witch’s Wrath into a rollup for two. Kelly locks in the Killer Clutch. Wilde breaks free but Kelly rolls her up again to win.

A decent match. It will be interesting to see if this win goes anywhere for Kelly. I would like to see her and Masha Slamovich as a team, especially after the feud they just had. Grade C

After the match, the Coven attack Kelly from behind. Masha Slamovich makes her way to the ring with the dog collar and chain. Slamovich is here to make the save! She attacks The Coven and Kelly joins in. The Coven escapes the ring and heads towards the back. There is a look of respect from Kelly, she looks for a handshake from Slamovich, but Slamovich leaves the ring.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is interviewing Scott D’Amore. He begins by saying that he has taken a leave of absence as Impact President, so he no longer needs his headset, no longer needs the suit, the fancy watch and all those other things. He says that his prime (if he had one), isn’t as good as Bully Ray or Steve Maclin, but he has coached more world champions than anyone. He said that he brought Bully Ray into this company and he can take him out of it. He says that he is willing to break the rules or cross the line. His sleeves are rolled up and he is ready for war.

Match 5: Digital Media Championship Match - Joe Hendry vs Yuya Uemura

As the match begins, Kenny King and Sheldon Jean make their way to ringside. King joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary while Jean stands guard. Uemura hits Hendry with a back suplex for two. Uemura hits a powerslam but when he goes for the follow-up crossbody, Hendry catches him in mid-air. Hendry hits the Standing Ovation to retain his title.

An OK match. It was nice to see Uemura get a title shot, as he continues to be a solid worker. I’m assuming that this is leading to a title feud between Hendry and King at some point. Grade C-

After the match, King gets face to face with Hendry and “congratulates” him on his victory.

Main Event: Bully Ray & Steve Maclin vs Frankie Kazarian & Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards

Maclin provides a distraction for the referee, allowing Bully to go low on Kazarian with the steel ring post. Edwards and Kazarian are working well together as they hit a combo Atomic Drop-Russian leg sweep on Maclin. Edwards and Kazarian turn their attention to Bully with a double vertical suplex. Edwards dives through the ropes to take out Bully on the floor. Kazarian is next to fly as he hits Maclin with a Hurricanrana on the floor. Bully targets Alisha at ringside, allowing Maclin to gain control from the distraction. Bully and Maclin cut off the ring and prevent Edwards from making the tag. Edwards eventually creates separation after he and Maclin collide with running crossbodies. Edwards makes the tag to Kazarian who enters the match with a burst of speed. Kazarian hits Maclin with the springboard leg drop for two. Kazarian spikes Maclin with a Piledriver but Bully breaks the pin attempt. Bully sends Edwards crashing into his own partner. Edwards inadvertently superkicks Kazarian after Maclin ducks the incoming assault. Bully and Maclin connect with double team offence on Kazarian for three.

A good main event. It’s good to see teams that shouldn’t be able to get along have some decent chemistry. Some good back and forth in this one. Grade B

Steve Maclin and Bully Ray stand tall to end this week’s episode.

Overall, an enjoyable episode. Some good matches and not too much filler. Some announcements were made for the Down Under Tour as well. To any fans that are in Australia, I hope you guys enjoy the tour!


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