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Impact Review 3/8/23

This week’s episode of Impact comes to us from Cicero Stadium in Chicago Illinois.

The action starts on BTI

Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal & Savannah Evans vs Heather Reckless

Gisele delivers a series of clubbing blows in the corner, then whips Heather around by her hair. Heather takes Gisele off her feet with a headscissors as she retreats to the outside. Back in the ring, Gisele catches Heather in mid-air and drives her down to the mat. Gisele distracts the referee as Jai Vidal attempts an attack on the outside. Heather ducks, causing Vidal to strike Savannah Evans. Gisele capitalises with a pump kick, covers Heather, but she decides to break up her own pin attempt. Gisele then hits a sidewalk slam, covers Heather but Heather manages to kick out. Heather is fired up but Gisele shuts down her momentum with Shock & Awe. Gisele hits a twisting neckbreaker, followed by the Denouement to win.

An OK match, a good debut for Heather Reckless. Whenever someone debuts against one of the bigger names in the company, it's always nice to see them get some offence in, even if it was only a small amount. Grade C-

Impact is now on the air!

In Ring Segment:

Trinity says Chicago has a special place in her heart, because this is the very building where she made her IMPACT debut. She said not too long ago she was at her lowest and she contemplated giving up on her wrestling career, but coming to Impact changed that. Trinity said that on her debut, she said she would become the Knockouts Champion. She said it was like going from her lowest point to going to her highest point.

Deonna Purrazzo’s music hits. Deonna says it’s only fitting that she comes out and interrupts Trinity. The only difference this time is Trinity is the Champion and Deonna is the challenger. Deonna said she told her that she knows what it is like to win the title in her first opportunity. Deonna says the only difference between them is that she is not a quitter. Trinity says except when she tapped out at Slammiversary. Deonna says no one beats the Virtuosa twice. Trinity says she bets she can.

The Coven’s music hits. KiLynn says of course those two open the show. KiLynn says no one wants Trinity to talk and nobody wants to see Deonna’s stupid face. KiLynn asks Taylor who Trinity’s opponent was in Chicago and Taylor says it was KiLynn. The fans chant “You lost”. KiLynn says if things got different she would’ve been IMPACT Knockouts World Champion. Taylor says she hates that The Coven was beat by Trinity. Trinity asks her to do something about it. KiLynn asks Taylor to give them a card reading. Taylor and KiLynn attack Trinity. A brawl breaks out as Deonna attempts to help Trinity and security keeps them apart. Santino Marella comes out and books The Coven vs Deonna and Trinity for later tonight, but Deonna doesn’t want to wait, so the match will happen next.

Match 1: Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo vs The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King)

Trinity takes KiLynn off her feet with a diving back elbow. KiLynn turns the tide by driving Trinity face-first into the turnbuckle. Trinity creates separation with a double dropkick to both members of The Coven, before pummeling Taylor with a series of fists in the corner. Deonna tags herself into the match but Taylor makes her pay for that. Deonna fights off an attack from KiLynn, allowing her to make the tag to Trinity. As Trinity heads to the top, Taylor rakes Trinity’s eyes from the apron. The Coven cut off the ring and begin to wear-down Trinity. Trinity spikes Taylor into the mat, then tags in Deonna who locks in the Fujiwara Armbar on KiLynn. KiLynn escapes, then delivers a Gutbuster DDT combo for a two count. Taylor takes out Deonna with the double knees. Trinity hits the Rearview on Taylor but KiLynn is able to hit a German suplex on Trinity. Deonna counters King’s Curse into the Fujiwara Armbar but this time it’s Taylor who breaks the hold. Trinity inadvertently kicks Deonna in the head while attempting to hit Taylor. KiLynn capitalises on the miscommunication with the King’s Curse on Purrazzo to win.

A really good opening match. I am so happy that the Coven are continuing to be a brilliant tag team and are featured well. Even more happy that they picked up the win in this match, so they aren’t being used as fodder against the Champion. Grade B

Backstage Segment:

The Rascalz are backstage. They are discussing that their match should be a Tag Team Championship match. Wentz says that they will go all the way in the tournament and win the championship. Scott D’Amore comes to speak to the Rascalz and tells them that if they get involved in any of the other number 1 contenders tag team matches, then they will be indefinitely suspended without pay.

Backstage Segment:

Alisha Edwards is backstage with Eddie Edwards. Alisha is talking about how she ran Traci Brooks out of Impact. Jody Threat appears and argues with Alisha that Traci left of her own accord because she deemed Alisha not worthy of her time. Jody tells Alisha that she doesn’t like bullies. Alisha tells Jody that she has a big mouth for someone who doesn’t belong in the locker room. Jody challenges Alisha to a match next week, which Alisha accepts.

Match 2: Alan Angels vs Heath

Heath gains the early advantage with a hip toss, sending Angels retreating to the outside. Angels drives the steel steps into the knees of Heath. Angels delivers a chop block on the floor to gain control. Angels plants Heath with a DDT and covers him for two. Heath avoids a top rope Moonsault, then catches Angels in mid-air with a powerslam. Heath puts Angels away with the Wake Up Call for three.

An OK match. Some nice back and forth. Surprised that Heath picked up the win, I was really expecting Angels to win this one. Hopefully, this one will be a decent feud between the two. Grade C-

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is interviewing Eric Young. Gia asks Eric about the attack by the Design. Eric says that everyone could see that coming. Gia then says that they thought that Eric was dead and asks Eric where he has been. Eric says that is a really good question and the world will see what really happened.

Match 3: Jake Something vs Davey Vega

Jake launches Vega halfway across the ring, then squashes him in the corner with a running splash. Vega attempts a Sunset Flip but Jake shrugs it off and delivers a forearm strike. Jake sends Vega Into The Void for the dominant victory.

A simple squash match, showing Jake Something’s dominance. Nothing much more to say about this one. Grade D

Backstage Segment:

We see Lio Rush backstage on the phone, he is approached by Bully Ray, Brian Myers and Moose. Bully Ray tells Lio Rush that he made the right choice by joining forces with them. Lio Rush says that he doesn’t like what this is and that it isn’t going to last long. Bully tells Lio that it can last forever if he wants it to. Bully, Moose and Myers say that they want to trust Lio, until he gives them a reason not to.

Match 4: Digital Media Championship Match - Kenny King w/Sheldon Jean vs Joe Hendry vs Yuya Uemura

Joe Hendry comes out before the match and says that life is short and that people should tell their friends the two words “we believe” and what we believe in is Joe Hendry.

Yuya Uemura then comes out and says “I’m Yuya Uemua, Champion”.

Kenny King hits a snap suplex on Hendry and hits a boot on Uemura in the corner. King whips Hendry into Uemura’s corner and Uemura flips him over. King goes for a DDT on Uemura but Hendry hits a neckbreaker on King for two as we go to the break.

Back from the break and King hits a single leg trap overhead suplex on Uemura. King hits a powerslam on Hendry, covers him and gets a two. Uemura goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody on both King and Hendry. Uemura hits a bulldog on King and a belly to back suplex on Hendry and goes for the pin but King breaks it up. King hits the Eddy Gordo kick on Hendry and Uemura hits a dropkick on King. Uemura goes to the top rope and goes for the crossbody but Hendry catches him with a cutter. Sheldon Jean pulls Hendry out of the ring and King goes for the pin but Uemura kicks out. King hits the Royal Flush on Uemura for the win.

A very good triple threat match. Lots of action, very fast paced. This was definitely the best match so far. Having Hendry not involved in the finish was also a good way to keep the feud going, and it gives further fuel to Hendry having another rematch. Grade B+

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is interviewing Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham ahead of their tag team number 1 contenders match against the Rascalz. Gresham says that he is looking forward to the tournament. Bailey says that he had to persuade Gresham to join the tournament. Gresham says that rules are not followed in Impact and he reminded Bailey that he lost his match to Wentz due to cheating. Bailey tells Gresham to be optimistic, Gresham tells Bailey that optimism doesn’t win matches.

Backstage Segment:

The Death Dollz are not happy that they aren’t a part of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match at Emergence between MK Ultra and Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans. Courtney Rush says that they need to speak to Scott D’Amore, Jessicka says that they need to plan on what to say to him. Crazzy Steve approaches Courtney Rush to speak to her, but Courtney says that she loves him, but they are busy and the Death Dollz walk away.

Match 5: Number 1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament Match - Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Wentz kicks the middle rope to deliver an improvised low blow to Gresham. Trey launches Wentz into a dropkick, which knocks Bailey off the apron. Trey hits Bailey with a modified German suplex, followed by a double stomp from Wentz. Wentz goes for a handspring but Bailey catches him with a mid-air dropkick. Bailey makes the tag to Gresham who connects with an assisted rolling cutter to Trey. Wentz hits a top rope Swanton to break the pin attempt. Wentz throws Trey a can of spray paint. Bailey takes out Wentz on the outside with a Moonsault off the top. Trey blinds Gresham with the spray paint, then rolls him up with a hold of the tights to steal the victory.

Another brilliant match! I love Gresham and Bailey and as a team they are phenomenal. The Rascalz are also such an amazing tag team, so this match was bound to be one of the best matches of the night. Having the Rascalz go over in this one was the right call, especially doing it by devious means as that can play into Gresham’s storyline of not liking the lack of rules.

Exclusive Eric Young Footage:

We see footage of what happened after Deaner had left Eric Young laying out, seemingly killing him. Eric Young is seen to come to, spit up blood and get up. Eric Young struggles to get onto a bike. We then hear a monologue from Eric Young as we see footage of him riding down the highway during the night. Eric Young asked if death is final and what it is to live. He then said death is the curtain calland the last thing that any of us will know. But he isn’t dead yet. Eric Young says that he has lived a thousand lives in this business, and he will live a thousand more. He said that flesh can be removed, but an idea is eternal and can live forever. He says that he is more than death, he is an idea and he will live forever.

That was another great episode of Impact. We had some brilliant matches and the Eric Young package to end the show was a great idea. It just did so well with the storytelling to further the feud with the Design. I am so excited for the UK tour that has been announced! I shall be attending, so if anyone is there, make sure you come and say “hi”. Also, I’m looking forward to the 1000th episode of Impact that will be happening soon. We have had announcements of The Beautiful People and Awesome Kong appearing already, so this should be a star studded episode.


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