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Hulk Hogan Re-Signs With WWE, Comments On Potential In-Ring Return

Hulk Hogan remains under contract with WWE.

While his on-screen appearances are few and far between these days, Hulk Hogan has confirmed he recently signed a new contract with the sports entertainment giant. The WWE Hall of Famer made his most recent appearance for the company on the 30th anniversary episode of Raw back in January.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hulk Hogan confirmed his new contract and discussed his hopes for the future before reflecting on the glory days of Hulkamania.

“You know, I still work with the WWE all the time. I just renewed my deal with them, you know. And [Does that mean, we can hear your music hit sometime soon]. I hope so. It’s always fun to go out there. And maybe I can hang on to one of the wrestlers to get me out to the ring.

But it’s crazy. Because when I was the world’s champion, you know, we sold a tonne of merchandise. We didn’t have the vehicle to the internet and the stuff that they have nowadays. But we sold a lot of stuff you know, back in the day.

The cartoons were very supportive of the merchandise and stuff like that. And you know, it was kind of strange because I think I had 350 licensees which are like individual deals, Frisbees, watches, headbands, chalk, kites, potty seats, tennis shoes, whatever it may be. And now that I’m kind of like Jimmy Hart says, well, baby, baby, what’s old is new again. What’s old is new again. And I said, Jimmy, you’re right.

I’ve been approving merchandise every day, I get new stuff coming in. And I’m up to like, 850,000, you know, like, 900,000 pieces of merchandise. I’m sorry, I’m mistaken it’s 300 different agencies. I’m up to 900 licensees, not 900,000. I’m thinking wrong. But instead of 300 deals for Frisbees, or whatever, it’s up to almost 900. Yeah. So it’s like, I’m Elvis is still alive. You know, it’s kind of scary. I don’t know. So but it’s just amazing how the fans have made this live forever, you know, it’s amazing.”

Hulk Hogan has previously claimed that he wants a retirement match against Steve Austin. Furthermore, during the conversation with Van Vliet, Hulk Hogan confirmed he almost had a retirement match against John Cena.

Hulk Hogan Recently Got Married

Hulk Hogan has recently got married for a third time, tying the knot with Sky Daily. The pair were married on September 23rd at Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida. The ceremony is said to have been a small affair with only Hulk Hogan’s son Nick and Sky Daily’s three children in attendance. Brooke Hogan later confirmed that she missed the ceremony.

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