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Hulk Hogan Feels Like He Should Have Quit Wrestling At The 20-Year Mark: “Wrestling Has Taken Its To

Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time in WWE, but that has come with a massive toll on his body.

The Immortal One Hulk Hogan spoke on this topic during a recent interview with Men’s Health, where he looked back on his time in the industry and admitted that he probably should have retired after 20 years but couldn’t help but ride the NWO wave in WCW.

Wrestling has taken its toll. I wrestled almost 40 years, off and on, and I probably should have quit at the 20-year mark, but with Hulkamania running wild all those years and then when I turned into a bad guy and became Hollywood Hulk Hogan, it was like jumping on another lightning bolt and I had no idea that we were going to reinvent the wrestling business.

Hulk Hogan adds that he got hooked and competed longer than he should have. Now he’s dealing with those repercussions, stating that his body is in really rough shape.

So, I got hooked, I got sucked in, and I rode that thing until it dropped. Wrestling has been really tough on my body with multiple surgeries and injuries. Nobody gave me the memo that this stuff was fake.


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