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Huge Update On LA Knight WWE Future

A huge update has emerged on LA Knight’s future with WWE, following speculation surrounding a potential push for the Mega Star.

Per PW Insider Elite (via Wrestle Ops), Knight and WWE have been negotiating a new long-term deal, which is either close to closing, or has already been closed.

According to the report, some sources are of the belief that the deal is for as long as five years.

It was previously reported that WWE was wanting to make sure that timings were right before giving Knight a highly anticipated push.

PW Insider Elite’s report noted that WWE has been waiting to lock Knight into this new deal before giving him the rumoured push.

Knight will reportedly be pushed as one of the top babyfaces on SmackDown moving forward.

This all comes after a report that revealed that Knight is internally listed as the #1 babyface on SmackDown, following the post-Payback update to the internal talent board.


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