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Here’s WHY Andrade reportedly decided to LEAVE AEW

Andrade’s tenure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) took an unexpected turn, leading to his recent departure. Initially, his contract, set for two years, was extended until the end of 2024 due to injury.

This extension had fans believing in Andrade’s long-term commitment to AEW. However, a report from Fightful Backstage reveals that a frustrating situation within AEW made his decision to leave.

AEW News: Contractual Rights and New Opportunities

Despite discussions about a new contract, Andrade had not officially signed a new deal with AEW. Utilizing his contractual rights, he gave notice of his intention to exit the promotion.

This decision came as a surprise, especially since he had previously indicated a likelihood of staying with AEW. The change in his decision occurred just days before AEW World’s End.

AEW News: Charlotte Flair’s Influence and WWE Speculations

An intriguing element in this development is the role of Charlotte Flair, Andrade’s partner, in his potential return to WWE.

Sources suggest that Charlotte Flair significantly influenced Andrade’s decision, pushing for his return to the wrestling giant. Additionally, Andrade had shown interest in bringing Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair’s father and a wrestling legend, into AEW.

While Andrade’s return to WWE is not yet confirmed, the anticipation around this move is palpable among wrestling fans.


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