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Help Cara Noir Return From Career Threatening Injury!

Cara Noir suffered an injury in his match at Progress Wrestling a little while back in his epic Steel Cage encounter with the Sovereign Lord Spike Trivet for the Progress world heavyweight championship.

We here at Real Rasslin hope to help raise funds for Cara's private treatment as going via the NHS would result in lengthy delays and a probable retirement.

See the information below put on the go fund me page for Cara. We urge all followers to donate. Huge shoutout to Will Ospreay who donated £200 along with the huge list of other amazing people who have donated.

We know it's a rough time at the moment. But any amount will help!

We wish Cara a speedy recovery and cannot wait to see him in the ring again!


I’m raising £7,500 to cover the specialist sports medical support that I need to recover from a potentially career ending injury.


My name is Thomas Dawkins AKA Cara Noir, one of indie wrestling’s best loved creative talents - known to many for ‘THAT PAC MATCH’ the Ilja Draganov love trilogy & some of the most creative story telling ever seen at Progress, WXW & DDT…


My wrestling career recently came to an abrupt STOP during the final instalment of my recent epic story arc at Progress - where I sadly sustained a major injury to my foot & ankle in a widely lauded cage match.

In front of the first sellout crowd at the Electric Ballroom since the pandemic, I sustained 3 fractures and major ligament damage to my foot, yet battled on for a further 20min to complete a compelling 18 month-long story line.

This potentially career ending injury has left me devastated, unable to walk, and in need of surgery.

Without specialist sports medical support it is unlikelyI’ll be able to make a return to the ring.

The pain from the injury itself was bad enough, but what came next was a litany of misdiagnosis and poor medical treatment thanks to multiple chaotic visits to my local over-stretched NHS hospital.

Initially sent home from A&E with the fractures missed, it took 18 days for the fractures to be picked up & now 10 weeks on from the accident the fractures have not healed; a major bone chip has not reattached, there’s unexplained swelling throughout the foot, surgery is looking likely, but it’s proving impossible to get MRIs through the NHS to establish a proper diagnosis.

If I continues with NHS treatment, the prognosis is that it will be a year before I can begin rehab and may not make a full recovery to get back in the ring to entertain my fans.


A trip to Harley Street last week for a second opinion has provided a ray of hope…

I am now booked for a private MRI next week, with a follow up consultation to establish an accurate diagnosis and surgery plan.

This also means medical bills are mounting up at a time when I am also unable to work.

Please help Cara get back on his feet, so he can continue to entertain his fans around the world and fulfil his upcoming wrestling commitments in the US & Japan.


Diagnosis: £1300

⁃ Initial consultation & follow up with orthopaedic sports specialist £500

⁃ Two MRIs for foot & ankle: £650

⁃ Handsfree crutch: £150

Surgery: costs unknown

⁃ Without an accurate diagnosis using MRI scans it’s still unclear what the path to recovery looks like, so for now my target is £5,700 to put towards surgery & specialist physio treatment but this figure will be updated once we know the true costs involved in recovery.


The current diagnosis is:

A complex injury sustained to both the foot & ankle

intra articular fracture to the cuboid

chip on the calcaneus

chip on the navicular

Possible rupture to the plantar fascia

Additional unspecified ligament damage

Unexplained swelling

The current prognosis is:

Unclear why the fractures have not healed after 10 weeks

Unclear why the foot is still so swollen

Surgery likely required

If relying on the NHS, current waiting lists mean making a full recovery is unlikely

Please give what you can to help get me back on his feet:


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