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This might have ruined a surprise.

So, we were sat scrolling through Facebook as you do at 00:50 on a Wednesday night. Getting all settled in for another episode of AEW Dynamite and BOOM!

Up pops the Pro Wrestling & MMA News page (click the link and give them a follow)

They share this little ditty of information.

AEW Forbidden Door date has been reported by Spectrum as June 24th!!!

Could this have ruined TK's big announcement? We sure as sheet hope not.

Anyway. We've got wings and popcorn to attend to. See y'all in a few hours with Ryan's Recap of the show!

Don't shoot the messenger, we're just sharing what's already been put out there!!! It is our job ????

If you don't know to already, please take any rumours with a pinch of salt!

Wanna keep up to date with all things Rasslin? Head here

Got a figure itch that you need scratching? We gotcha:


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