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Gunther BRUTALLY BURIES Former WWE Champion

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has offered a brutal and blunt assessment of the Ultimate Warrior during a recent appearance on The Bump.

Speaking on WWE's YouTube chat show, the Imperium leader Gunther referred to the Ultimate Warrior's era as "the dark ages," claiming the former World Champion was neither an athlete, nor a professional wrestler, but a showman.

Said Gunther:

"Those are the real dark ages. He’s a showman. He’s not an athlete, not a professional wrestler, he’s a showman. Now, everybody knows why I have to be the one to keep this title for the longest time in history to wash its reputation clean and set it to a new standard."

A key player for WWE during its Golden Era of the '80s and '90s, Ultimate Warrior is nonetheless amongst the most widely-criticised figures in wrestling history. This is not only for his deficiencies between the ropes (Warrior's limitations stood out even in an era that scarcely emphasised "workrate") but for his general conduct, from his many, many WWE no-shows, to the unapologetic homophobia and other bigotry that became his hallmark in retirement.

Gunther was appearing on WWE's The Bump alongside stablemate Ludwig Kaiser, with Montez Ford also guesting on the episode.


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