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Goldberg accuses Vince McMahon of making FALSE PROMISES

In a recent candid interview on the “Steven & Captain Evil” show, wrestling icon Goldberg had some accusations against WWE founder Vince McMahon.

Goldberg, known for his straightforward approach both in and out of the ring, expressed a complex mix of gratitude and frustration towards Vince McMahon, who he believes failed to honour a significant promise.

Goldberg: Gratitude and Grievance

Goldberg acknowledged Vince McMahon’s pivotal role in his career, particularly highlighting an opportunity that allowed his family to witness his prowess in the ring.

“I owe him everything,” Goldberg stated, reflecting on the chance to perform in front of his wife and son. However, this sentiment of indebtedness took a turn during a crucial moment in his career.

The Saudi Arabia Match Controversy

The crux of Goldberg’s grievance stems from an event in Saudi Arabia, where he was asked to lose to Roman Reigns. Despite apparently battling COVID-19 at the time, Goldberg agreed to Vince McMahon’s request under one condition: he would be granted a retirement match in return.

“I put myself in a horribly challenging situation to get what I wanted, but also to satisfy him,” the former WWE Universal Champion explained, revealing the physical and emotional toll of the match.

Broken Promises and Bitterness

Goldberg’s frustration is rooted in what he perceives as Vince McMahon’s failure to uphold his end of the bargain. Despite fulfilling his part of the deal, Goldberg feels betrayed, bluntly labelling Vince McMahon as “a piece of sh*t” for not providing the promised retirement match.

His last WWE appearance was at the Elimination Chamber 2022 against Roman Reigns, with no official retirement match in sight.

Goldberg: The Unfulfilled Retirement Match

The absence of a formal retirement match for Goldberg has left a void in his illustrious career. His desire to conclude his wrestling journey on his terms remains unfulfilled, casting a shadow over his relationship with Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Goldberg’s Attempt to Join Sting’s Retirement Match

Adding another layer to his storied career, Goldberg also disclosed his efforts to be part of Sting’s retirement match in All Elite Wrestling.

This revelation underscores his ongoing passion for the sport and his quest for a fitting end to his career.


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