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After recent appearances, a WWE star who was previously a ‘free agent’ has officially been moved to the SmackDown brand.

In the 2023 WWE Draft, numerous WWE stars were left as undrafted ‘free agents’, which enabled them to appear on either Raw, SmackDown or NXT at will.

One of those names was Cedric Alexander, who recently used his free-agent WWE status to appear on SmackDown, where he took part in two matches against Dragon Lee.

Following his appearances on SmackDown, his status within the company has now changed, with him no longer being listed as a free agent on WWE’s roster page but as a full-time member of the SmackDown roster.

Other stars currently free agents are Omos, Von Wagner, Xyon Quinn, Brock Lesnar and United States Champion Logan Paul.

Both Randy Orton and CM Punk, who made their returns at Survivor Series, are not assigned to one particular brand.

Orton is advertised to appear on this Friday’s episode of SmackDown following his return at Survivor Series.


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