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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Recalls The Bump That Terrified Them

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and ECW legend, Spike Dudley, shared a chilling revelation about a moment in his wrestling career.

During his appearance on the podcast Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, Spike Dudley reminisced about a spine-tingling incident during his time in ECW.

Spike Dudley candidly disclosed that one of the only instances that truly terrified him was when he and New Jack executed a daring balcony dive at ECW: Living Dangerously in 1998. Recounting the nerve-wracking experience, Spike Dudley expressed:

The only time I ever really got scared was my first, like, true balcony dive at Asbury Park with New Jack. We did it, we both jumped off at the same time onto Bubba and D-Von on the tables. And that one scared the crap out, I had never done anything like that. That was terrifying.

When Did Former WWE Superstar Spike Dudley Last Wrestle?

Former WWE Superstar Spike Dudley returned to the ring on December 3rd 2023 for the independent promotion LIVE Pro Wrestling taking part in a six-person tag match. This marked Spike Dudley’s first match since 2015

Photo Credit: WWE

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