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We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

After cultivating copious buzz on social media amid numerous independent wrestling bookings, an ex-WWE star is headed for TNA Wrestling.

On last night’s edition of TNA Wrestling, ex-WWE star Mustafa Ali made his debut for the promotion after already setting the internet ablaze with his vignettes on social media.

Noting that change happens both gradually over time and all at once, in a flash, TNA Wrestling had recently undergone a gradual change.

However now, said Ali, it was time for a different kind of change, one that is immediate and motivated by the introduction of an ‘x-factor’, Mustafa Ali then appeared on-screen.

Simply stating, “I’m Mustafa Ali and I approve this message,” with a smile, he was flanked by two frightening and unpleasant looking security guards.

The Mustafa Ali 2024 tour continues with many independent dates already booked including an upcoming February 9 DEFY Wrestling show in Seattle against Judas Icarus and March 2nd against Alex Shelley in Jamaica, New York.

Mustafa Ali is set to join other highly sought after released WWE star Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler) in TNA Wrestling with Nemeth making his debut against another WWE alum, Zachary Wentz.

Elsewhere on last night’s edition of TNA Wrestling, another former WWE star made their appearance as the former Dana Brooke, now going by the moniker ASH by Elegance had another intriguing vignette.

Continuing with the fragrance ad feel of her previous appearance, ASH by Elegance continues to be revealed as a character through pre-recorded segments as she has yet to make an in-ring appearance.

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