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Former WWE Star Maven Recalls The Special Gift He Received From Triple H

Former WWE superstar and YouTube sensation Maven Huffman has revealed that 14-time World Champion Triple H gifted him his first-ever pair of wrestling boots. 

Maven wrestled in WWE from 2001 to 2005, joining the promotion after winning the Tough Enough competition. In his most recent YouTube video, "What's Inside a WWE Wrestler's Bag?" the three-time Hardcore Champion shared how he didn't own wrestling boots when he first started his career. Triple H provided him a pair that he tried to pay for but "The Game" didn't accept anything.

"I had a match and they wanted me to look more of the part, obviously I wasn't getting a pair of boots delivered by that night, and Hunter had a crate there and in the crate, there was a pair of wrestling boots and he didn't like the aesthetics of them," said Maven. "They came above the calf and he said he was never going to wear them. I tried to pay him, I tried to offer him some compensation for it, but he wasn't hearing any of it. He told me they were a gift from him to me, and I'm extremely thankful and grateful to this day." 

Maven explained that he paid it forward later in his career when WWE superstar Bobby Lashley needed knee pads, gifting him an extra pair that he owned while he was recovering from an injury. Maven has wrestled sporadically in recent years, but he has returned to prominence in the pro wrestling world with his YouTube channel, which has now grown to over 400,000 subscribers.

Thank you to Maven Huffman for the transcription.

Photo Credit: WWE

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