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EPW Retribution Review

This month EPW was held outside in Mid West City Oklahoma. Being outside is a nice change of scenery and doesn't limit the wrestlers on how high they can fly. Now this isn't a complete review of the show as I was not able to take notes as usual. But sit back relax and enjoy.

The opening match was a four way match involving Bud Barnes, Duncan Kincade both of the Saints of Pro Wrestling. Giganto, and Tyler Watts. Duncan and Tyler Paired off for most of the match. If you remember correctly Duncan turned on him last month. At times when the two members of Saints of Pro Wrestling attempted to double team Tyler would go below the belt to fend them off. The match was eventually won by Bud Barnes.

Father Padge faceed off against Simon the Elegant. Simon was able to hold his own for the most part of this match. By hold his own I mean for a lot of the match this rookie controlled it. His high paced action was no match in the long run when facing Father Padge. Padge won with a Sister Abagail

Also on the card was a rare ladies match. This was a great match. Nibira of the Psychotic Messengers against Mindy Grace. Mindy gives off a very Mickie James vibe. This was Mindy's first time in front of the EPW crowd. Mindy seemed to have control for most of the match. Nibira even look like she might tap to a leg scissors. Nibira would eventually win. After the match Nibira would raise Mindy's hand and show respect.

Native Law (Nashoba and Sherriff) against The Sanders Twins. This was a quick match. These men are not paid by the hour. The Saints won sending a statement to the Psychotic Messenger as they have their sights set on the EPW Tag Titles.

Maddox Jones versus the MERC brought us back from intermission. MERC comes out and slaps Maddox in the butt. Maddox shoves MERC into the corner and slaps his chest in anger. MERC is able to get upper hand. He during this period he would stomp Maddox in the back of the head and shun him. Members of the crowd would join in on the shunning. MERC getting very cocky. Maddox will not let that stand as he takes back over with a vertical suplex for a 1 count. Both men would go to the outside to battle it out. When the two men returned to the ring Maddox would perform a double arm vertical suplex. The crowd angers Maddox by shunning him. The shunning powers up the MERC who gives a HUGE open fist slap to the face of Jones… that echoes even in the outdoors in the middle of a city. MERC going up top for a elbow drop and gets a 2 count. The ref did count 3 but Maddox's foot was on the ropes. MERC goes for a maneuver from outside over the top from the outside but Maddox reverses into a pin. Maddox Holds the ropes for the win. MERC with superkick after the bell…not happy at his loss.

Red James would face off against Sabretooth Lewis. Red brought a chair to the ring as a potential weapon. Sabretooth started out wanting to shake hands. However, before the match could begin James put on some brass knuckles which the ref was able to easily see. Once James was relived of the knuckles the match began. Throughout the entire match James would cheat by choking Sabretooth and using the ropes for pins. However the cheat that won the match came from Ozzy. When Red went for the chair the ref stopped him. At that time Sabretooth was able to grab the knuckles from Red's pants. So we may want to hold our wallets a little tighter around Sabretooth Lewis with those pick pocket skills, but I digressed. Sabretooth Lewis would give Red James a massive upper cut with the brass knuckles to win the match. Red James was knocked silly for quite a long time.