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EPW Defying the Odds: Fight For Omar Results

This was a benefit show for a young man who has been battling cancer for over a year. The proceeds did help the family move out of an extended stay facility into an apartment. People often forget that Cancer not only takes a physical toll on the person but a financial toll on the caregivers.

Unfortunately before the action could start the event started with bad news. A staple of the Oklahoma wrestling scene in the 1990s passed away. Lucious Larry. A few of his contemporaries spoke on his dedication as an athlete and trainer.

Now to the brighter news, Things have been heating up between Kevin Sanchez and Montego Seeka for a few months now and it was time for them to make their match at Thirst for Gold on April 2024 official. Montego Seeka came out flanked by the rest of Gold Blooded Killers (GBK). Guy Sterling also had a special security officer after he was attacked last month after the show. Seeka was especially inflammatory this night as he promised to put Kevin Sanchez in the hospital bed next to Kareem Sadat. When things did not look good for Kevin as GBK was about to attack something unexpected occurred, the security guard was Logan Knight who the fans hadn't seen since October when he lost the EPW Heavyweight Championship. Father Padge also rushed to the ring to help run off GBK. Kevin placed a challenge for GBK a six man match later tonight. It was accepted.

The first wrestling contest was for the ITV championship. Badger James with all of Black Flag against Malachi with only Lucien Loveless. The two combatants tie up to start. Badger is trading barbs with a member of the EPW faithful. Something about Badger being a pirate that can't swim. Badger James refocus on the match and suffers a leg screw from Malachi. Malachi starts to on in the leg. Trench grabs Malachi’s leg distracting him. Badger then hits super kick and takes control with some blows. Badger chops then rolls out to run into into a high knee. Near fall for Badger. Blyth starts to hit Malachi as Erwin is admonishing Badger for not releasing his hold. Rear headlock wears Malachi down. Malachi elbows his way out. Malachi hits a cutter to get a two count. Malachi gets a springboard bulldog. Blyth again distracting the ref. Badger wins after a low blow and shining wizard. First gold for Black Flag Rising in EPW. 

Daniel Aaron Michaels (DAM) and Trench stays out for the next match. EPW international Championship. Champion Tank Bryson will defend. Tank starts with a double leg takedown and some punches to the "pretty" pirate's face. Tank is ready to go but DAM is not as he was taken by surprise. . Dam rakes the eyes to get the advantage and then starts stomping Tank in the corner. Tank fights out. DAM says no chops as Tank starts to fight back. The fans really want to see DAM get chipped he makes such a nice sounding squeal for his detractors. DAM is doing a decent job. Trench chokes Tank. DAM capitalizes with a splash into the corner. Rear chin lock on Tank. Daniel starts working on the leg. Slamming it repeatedly into the leg. Stomping it on the rope. Both men to the outside. DAM knocks Tank down with a thrust kick. Rolls him in for a one count. Tank with one of his patented jawbreakers. Headbutt by tank. Then a vertical suplex. Michaels takes control and kicks Tank as he lays there motionless. Michelle’s with a hanging DDT. DAM imitated Randy Orton. Something I would say he should leave out of his arsenal. Tank avoids an RKO by utilizing a pump kick. Tank with an overhand chop; then a double underhook driver for the win. And still champion Tank Bryson. 

EPW tag Team Championship. Gemini and shadow Gemini against the Sanders Brothers. Duncan Kincade and Christopher Samuel Dean accompanied. Gemini starts off against Scott. Gemini is using his speed to get the advantage   Scott is able to throw him off. Sanders launches Gemini over the corner. Scott pulls him up by the mask. Suplex into the ring two count fallows. Scott throws Gemini into the corner to tag in Sean. Snap mare then kicks him in the back. Double jaw breaker to reverse the fortune for Gemini. Shadow Gemini gets tagged in. Elbow drop and a two count by Sanders. Gemini gets tagged back in. Ax handle to the arm. Another quik tag for Gemini. Double foot stomps to the arm. Shadow splashed the back of Shawn. Shawn with a kick drops shadow Gemini. Shawn is then tagged in. Shirt armed Clotheslines in the corner. Shadow Gemini attempted a scoop slam but no go. Shadow jumps off the top and is caught. Boss man slam. Both men down for a count. Scott tagged in. Gemini does a couple of shoulder blocks to no avail. Scott gets in double team by the Gemini. Gemini springboard dive. Shadow Gemini with a roll up for the win. New tag champs. The commissioner has something to say. Shadow Gemini was not the legal man according to the Commissioner. The Sanders brothers attacked Geminis from behind with a chain. A Rainmaker on Gemini for the pin after the bell rings to restart the match. A pin and the Sanders Brohter regain the tag championship. 

CM Burnum says that would not happen if he was the commissioner. Commissioner elections still have not occurred. Burnham says he know the tricks that Christopher Samuel Dean does and can stop it. 

Six man tag set up earlier. First out is Kevin, Padge, and Logan. Guy Sterling’s group the Gold Blooded Killers comes out. Seeka sets his belts down on the commentary table. Seeks and Reese attack Kevin on the outside. Chaos ensues. Logan suicide dive. Logan and Mitch Onyx are the legal men. Logan chops Mitch. Old school but with an arm drag by Logan Knight. Padge tagged in. Mitch diving elbow. On Padge. Reece tagged in. Splash by Reece. Reece swinging neckbreaker. Reece puts Padge into the double boots of his team then tags in Montego Seeka. Sure Shot winner Malachi comes out to observe as Seeka beats down Padge. Mitch is tagged in and a swanton to Padge. Cocky one foot pin by Onyx. Logan kicks him off. This distracts the ref and allows Mitch to choke Padge. Seeka tagged in. Seeka continues the best down. Seeka and Reece trade out with no tag. Reece slams Padge down by his hair. Tag in Mitch. Mitch starts to work on the leg of Padge.  Padge big boot knocks Onyx down. Padge needs to tag. Seeka is tagged in. He attacks Logan and Kevin. Seeka right hand blows to Padge in the corner. Precision punches right to Padge's face. Seeka chokes Padge on the middle rope. Padge starts to fight back. Seeks quickly quashes that. Seeka tags Romeo Reece back in. Reece with knees to the back before locking in a rear headlock. Padge escapes and delivers a high knee to both men down. They get to an 8. Count before Logan and Mitch are tagged in. Logan is cleaning house; but Mitch superkicks Logan as he sets up a move. Mitch with a massive brain buster. Logan kicks out after 2. Still too fresh. Padge recovers enough to hit Onyx with a Black Mass Reece backstabbed to Padge. Kevin in to punch him out. Seeka hit s clothesline on Kevin from behind. Logan is back up to attack Seeka. Logan climbs the rope and Seeka rams Kevin into the corner. A cutter to Logan Knight while he is on Seeka and Recce's shoulders. Your winners is GBK.

All American Championship Ric Russo against champion Adrian Vega. Ric Russo won this chance at last moths show. After the bell rings, the two men circle each other. Vega slaps his chest to pump himself up. Tie up. Clean break in the corner. Another tie up. Vega gets the arm wrench. Russo reverses. Vega regains control. Now Ric Russo turns it into a rear hammer lock. Vega again reverses. Vega grabs the rope to break it. Russo with a knee. Rear waste lock by Vega. Russo fight out. Vega clotheslines Russo both go down as Vega threw himself into it.  Vega back to the arm. Russo breaks the hold with the rope. Vega goes back to a rear headlock. Russo escapes and chops Vega. Russo whips Vega into the opposite ring corner and splash. Russo goes to the middle rope for an elbow drop. Two count on Vega. Russo flips over with a jaw breaker. Russo clamps onto Vega’s tricep nerve. Vega escapes with a jaw breaker. Vega kicks Russo in the mid section then Vega locks in a Scorpion Deathlock. Russo claws his way  to the ropes. Vega pulls Russo up and puts him in a Full Nelson. Russo breaks the Full Nelson and starts punching Vega into the corner. Ten punches in the corner. Not quite the full ten before Vega hits an Atomic Drop. Vega attempts a pin. 2 count. Vega goes back to working on the leg. And then a rear chin lock. Russo escapes and locks in his own. Vega breaks free and hits a massive kick. CAPW comes out. Tyler Watts and Warhawk distracts Vega. Nashoba hits Vega from behind and a running knee strike. Russo capitalizes with a big blow to the gut then a Russian leg sweep. New champion. 


Fight for Omar battle royal. Rules are the same as the Royal Rumble right down to the staggered entrance and elimination criteria. Mitch Onyx is the first man out. He has recovered a little from his six man. Another returning man Devion Black also starts the match. It has been a good bit since we have seen this high flying super exciting young man. The bell rings. The two circle. It would but smart to not get into to much as there are 28 other men. Mitch slaps Devion. The two men exchange forearms. Devion executes a huge belly to back suplex. Devion trying to eliminate Onyx early. Out comes Mayfield. Devion goes to give Onyx a super kick and eliminated him as Mayfield distracted Onyx. Devion and Malik trade hands. Devion gets the advantage trading blows. Out comes Gatekeeper. Devion almost eliminated. Gatekeeper coming in hot. Gatekeeper and Mayfield square off. Massive slam to Malik and he is almost eliminated. Survived by his feet hanging on the lower ropes. Nashoba comes out. Big chop from Malek to Nashoba. Anarchy comes out. Anarchy hits right to Gatekeeper and starts to choke him with his shirt. Gatekeeper gets out fast. Gatekeeper attempts to eliminate Anarchy. Nashoba holding on to the bottom rope for no reason. Ghoul out next. Nashoba thinks he eliminated Mayfield but he does not. Cam, Malik Mayfield's manager, keeps Malik from his feet touching the ground. Warhawk of CAPW comes out. Helps his promotion member Nashoba. Eddie Lavaughn comes out. This big 400lbs man goes straight to Anarchy and starts to chop his chest. Eddie is going after Black Flag. Anthony Wilde another 400 lbs man. This ring is definitely reinforced. It will be hard to eliminate these two men. Several men are trying to get Anthony out. Scott Sanders comes out. Warhawk eliminated. Gemini runs to the ring as the next entrant. Gemini targets Scott. Cannonball by Devion to Anthony Wilds. Sean now enters. We are getting close to a ton of meat in the ring. Quite literally a ton as the Sanders Brother are showing the benefit of having a tag team in the match. Shadow Gemini now enters. Anthony Wild eliminated. Eddie Lavaughn also eliminated. Anarchy eliminated with a super kick. Our comes Duncan Kincade. Both Sanders eliminated. Geminis but he eliminated simultaneously along with Duncan Kincade. This was a quick exit by the Saints if Pro Wrestling. Ozzy Hendrix enters the match. Our helps up Malik to throw him into Gatekeeper. Malik did not like that so he attacks Ozzy. Ghoul eliminated. Out  comes Trench Blyth. Trench shining and showing why the Black Flag Rising keeps him. Next combatant is Logan Knight. He is cowardly and does not want to go in the match. Logan Knight goes under the ring. Malik seen him go under. Another Psychotic Messenger comes out; it is Tank Bryson the EPW International Champion. Tank coming in hot. New competitor the Prince Romeo Reese. Romeo teams up with Trench to attack Malik. A round of super kicks by the competitors in the ring. Now it is time for the Sure Shot briefcase holder Malachi. He does not look happy having lost his title earlier. Logan enters the ring from underneath. Next out… Badger James. Psychotic messenger are taking care of business and Badger come in just to get beat down. New All American Champion Vic Russo now out. Reese almost eliminated by Logan. Daniel Aaron Michalles limps out. Malachi quickly beats him down. Vega out now. Ozzy eliminated. Russo eliminated. Nashoba eliminated. Vega beats him down as he gets taken to the back. DAM eliminated. E-Bone out. E-Bone eliminated. Probably the shortest person in the match. Anarchy eliminated by Tank and Malachi. Out comes the champ Montego Seeka. Logan Knight eliminated. Padge comes out. Gatekeeper eliminated. Devion and Malik both eliminated together. Malachi eliminated Seeka. Tank eliminated Padge. Big knee by Trench to Tank. Both Trench and Romeo exit under the bottom rope to intimidate Lucien Loveless. Trench comes back in to get eliminate by Tank. Rome Reece treated the same by Malachi. Malachi and Tank remain. The two hug. Bell rings. Joint winners. Lucien declares it so. 

The night ends with a big celebration in the ring with Omar. You don't want to miss the next event of EPW if you are in Oklahoma so mark your calendar for April 20th. Southern Oaks Rec Center in OKC. Thirst For Gold.


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