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Emergence 2023 Review

Emergence comes to us tonight from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

We begin tonight with two matches on Countdown to Emergence.

Alan Angels vs Mike Bailey:

Bailey hits a dropkick which sends Angels to the floor. Angels is able to turn it around with a neckbreaker to Bailey on the outside. Back in the ring, Angels hits a backstabber, covers Bailey and gets a two. Bailey counters another neckbreaker into a backslide. Bailey flies with a springboard Moonsault to the floor. Angels hits a powerbomb out of the corner. Bailey delivers a spin kick but Angels bounces back with a lariat. Angels hits a top rope powerbomb for another near fall. Bailey drives his knees into the midsection of Angels. Angels uses the referee as a shield, providing him with an opening to snap Bailey’s neck. Bailey blocks the Angels Strike, then connects with the Tornado Kick, followed by Ultima Weapon to win.

A good match. I love watching Mike Bailey, he is so good at what he does and pairing him with Angels in this match was brilliant. These two have wonderful chemistry together. I’m just a little disappointed that this match was on the countdown show rather than the main card. Grade C+

The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch) vs Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura

Hotch distracts the referee, allowing Skyler to trip up Uemura from the outside. The Good Hands cut off the ring and begin to wear Uemura down. Skyler goads Hendry into entering the ring illegally, allowing Hotch to remain in control. Uemura is finally able to create separation and makes the tag to Hendry. The pace of the match quickens as Hendry hits Skyler with a Fallaway Slam. Hendry gets two for one on The Good Hands and almost puts Skyler away. The Good Hands hit Hendry with a double team Death Drop but Uemura breaks up the pin. Hendry launches Hotch into a cutter from Uemura to win.

An OK match, I was probably expecting a little more from this one. We shall have to see if this team of Hendry and Uemura comes to anything good or if it will be just another comedic type team. Grade D+

Emergence begins now!

We begin Emergence with a 10-Bell Salute for the late, great Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda. RIP gentlemen.

Match 1: No DQ Match - Deaner w/Kon vs Eric Young

Eric goes after Kon with a ladder. Moments later, Kon returns the favour as he uses the ladder to send Eric crashing to the outside. Deaner chokes Eric with a steel chain, then hits a neckbreaker in the ring for two. Deaner rakes the eyes, then uses a staple gun to staple between the fingers and armpit of Eric. Deaner places a trash can on top of Eric’s head, then smashes him with a steel chair. Eric begins to turn the tide with a Death Valley Driver into the trash can but Kon gets involved and drags him into the steel ring post. Eric handcuffs Kon to the turnbuckle, neutralising him at ringside. Eric gets payback on Deaner with the staple gun. Eric flies with an elbow drop off the top of a ladder for a very close near fall. Kon breaks free of the handcuffs as Deaner delivers a low blow to Eric. Kon Chokeslams Eric through two chairs but it’s not enough to keep him down. Eric drives both Deaner and Kon into a barbed wire board. Eric takes out Deaner with a Piledriver into the board to win.

A good match! To be honest, I was expecting far more violence, given the nature of this storyline, but the match was a good one, so I can’t really complain. I am very happy that EY picked up the victory, even though I did predict Deaner to win. Grade C+

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Joe Hendry and Yuya Uermura following their victory on Countdown to Emergence. Gia asks how this team came about. Hendry talks about how he was a singles wrestler, but he came to realise that he needed someone and that someone was Uemura. Hendry then says that he has a question for Gia, but Uemura snatches the microphone away and Uemura asks “can I get a Joya?” The crowd shouts “Joya!” and Gia gives the guys a “Joya!”

Backstage Segment:

Taylor Wilde was attacked backstage earlier today and is not medically cleared to compete in the 4-way Knockouts Tag Team Title match. The Director of Authority Santino Marella announces that Jody Threat will team with KiLynn King.

Match 2: 4-way Tag Team Match for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship - MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) vs Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans w/Jai Vidal vs Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) vs KiLynn King & Jody Threat

KiLynn hits Kelly with a pinpoint kick to the head. KiLynn continues the attack on Kelly with a delayed vertical suplex but Courtney breaks the pin. Jessicka hits the ropes for a running crossbody on Kelly but when she does, Savannah makes the blind tag. Savannah hits Kelly with a clubbing blow but Kelly comes back with a jawbreaker, sending Savannah into the corner. KiLynn tags into the match and asserts her dominance over Kelly. KiLynn reluctantly tags in Jody as they continue to have issues teaming together. Kelly counters a double vertical suplex from the Death Dollz into a DDT to create some separation. Masha dropkicks Jody and Gisele to the outside. Courtney spears Masha but gets caught with a running Samoan Drop from Savannah. Jody spikes Gisele with a modified driver. MK Ultra hit Courtney with double knees, followed by a double Piledriver to win.

An OK match, but I did expect more from this one, especially with the amount of talent that is involved in this match. I’m excited to see where this tag team division goes as it is just getting better and better, but I am also wanting to see some of these women elevated to the Knockouts World title picture as well. Grace C

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Johnny Swinger. Gia says that it was 20 years ago to the day that Johnny Swinger won his first and only championship at Impact Wrestling. Gia asks if lightning can strike twice 20 years apart. Swinger says that he is going to show everyone what he can do when he isn’t held back. He vows to win the strap the right way.

Match 3: Digital Media Championship Match - Kenny King w/Sheldon Jean vs Johnny Swinger

Swinger kicks the rope to deliver an improvised low blow to Kenny King. Swinger catches Kenny off-guard with an elbow drop to the back. Kenny hits a powerslam to shift the momentum. Kenny distracts the referee, allowing Sheldon to choke Swinger from the outside. Swinger delivers a series of rights, followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Swinger hits a side slam, before sending Kenny to the outside with a slingshot leg drop. Sheldon gets up on the apron, tripping up Swinger who is perched on the top. While the referee is busy ejecting Sheldon from ringside, Heath blindsides Kenny with a Wake-Up Call but it’s not enough. Kenny hits the Royal Flush to score the victory.

An OK match, I was honestly hoping that Swinger would pick up the upset victory here, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Grade D

After the match, Kenny King and Sheldon Jean continue the attack on Johnny Swinger. Referees, security and Tommy Dreamer all come down to the ring to stop the attack. Kenny King then begins to attack Tommy Dreamer as he was checking on Swinger. Sheldon Jean is holding back the refs and the security while Kenny King is attacking Tommy Dreamer.

Backstage Segment:

KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Josh Alexander are backstage. They talk about how this is finally being settled in a ring where it belongs. Alex Shelley says that they are the four pillars of Impact Wrestling. Sabin is looking forward to getting his hands on Lio Rush after their match at Slammiversary. Josh Alexander is excited for his first match back and KUSHIDA says that there will be no escape.

Match 4: Impact World Tag Team Championship Match - SUBCULTURE (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) w/Dani Luna vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Webster hits Wentz with an inverted jumping senton. Trey holds the ropes open, sending Webster crashing to the floor. Wentz distracts the referee as Trey continues the attack on the outside. Wentz targets the arm of Webster as he locks in a submission. Trey drives Webster spine-first into the ring apron with a back suplex. Back in the ring, Trey hits a slingshot senton for two. The Rascalz can’t put Webster away and he creates separation to tag in Andrews. The pace quickens as Andrews hits Wentz with a back body drop before connecting with a double foot stomp on Trey. SUBCULTURE takes to the skies as they wipe out both members of the Rascalz with aerial offence to the outside. Andrews hits an assisted sit-down slam on Trey. Everybody is down after exchanging headbutts, followed by a pair of handspring kicks from the Rascalz. Andrews spikes Wentz with a running Destroyer. Wentz pulls Andrews off the apron as Webster inadvertently collides with his own partner. The Rascalz hit Hot Fire Flame off the ramp. Trey blinds Andrews with spray paint but a brawl between ABC and The Good Hands has the referee distracted. Dani Luna takes out The Good Hands with a top rope crossbody. Webster hits Trey with a top rope senton but it’s not enough. The Rascalz put Webster away with a double team top rope stomp, score the pin and become the new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Another good match. I was a little disappointed in this one. I was expecting more from these two teams. It was good, but it could have been better. Very disappointed that SUBCULTURE lost the titles here, especially given their amazing run on the British wrestling scene at the moment. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

Lio Rush is backstage with Bully Ray. Lio reminds Bully of his issues with PCO.

Match 5: Back to School Match - Eddie Edwards vs Frankie Kazarian

Eddie Edwards and Frankie Kazarian return to where it all began, the wrestling school of professional wrestling legend, Killer Kowalski.

Eddie hits a drop toehold, driving Frankie face-first into a steel chair. Frankie hits a Hurricanrana, then tosses Eddie across the exposed floor. Frankie connects with a springboard leg drop for two. Eddie hits a Backpack Stunner out of the corner for a near fall of his own. Alisha Edwards appears at ringside and confronts Frankie about hitting her with a kendo stick a few weeks ago. Eddie blindsides Frankie with the Boston Knee Party to win.

Well, this one was definitely disappointing. I was expecting a longer match and for it to not end by Frankie basically being distracted. What was the point in having this be at Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school and only have a brief match with such a crappy ending? Grade D

After the match, Alisha attacks Frankie with a Kendo stick. Eddie calls Frankie a disappointment before hitting him over the head with a picture of Killer Kowalski.

Match 6: SANADA vs Jake Something

SANADA ties up Jake in the bottom rope, then delivers a low running dropkick. SANDA hits a side Russian leg sweep for two. Jake throws his entire body at SANDA, knocking him hard to the mat. Jake builds momentum with a series of clotheslines. SANADA pulls down the top rope, sending Jake to the outside. SANADA hits a dropkick, followed by a springboard crossbody to take Jake off his feet. Back in the ring, Jake drives his shoulder into the gut of SANADA for two. SANADA locks in Skull End but Jake fights out of it. SANADA hits the Magic Whip neckbreaker as SANADA kips up. SANADA almost puts Jake away with a top rope Moonsault. Jake catches him in mid-air and hits a modified driver for two. Jake hits a thunderous powerbomb but SANADA gets his shoulder up in time. Jake counters Deadfall into a straight right hand. SANADA counters Into the Void into Deadfall to win.

A good match from these two. Neither man looked weak in this one. Some great moves and good chemistry. Grade C+

After the match, SANADA and Jake shake hands, showing respect for one another.

Match 7: Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & Josh Alexander vs Bully Ray, Moose, Brian Myers & Lio Rush

Time Machine assembles for an assisted running dropkick on Lio. Josh squares off with Moose as he hits him with a series of chops in the corner. Josh traps Moose in the Tree of Woe and sings O’ Canada. Bully begins to pick Chris apart as he hits a thudding vertical suplex. Lio delivers a cheap shot to KUSHIDA on the apron before locking in a submission on Chris. Meanwhile, Bully is setting up a table on the outside and Josh does the same on the opposite side of the ring. Brian makes the blind tag to Moose, allowing him to blindside Chris and remain in control. Chris kicks Brian to create some separation. Chris tags in Josh, who enters the match with a burst of speed. Josh counters Rush Hour from Lio into a big German suplex. Josh hits a jumping knee to the back of Moose’s neck. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved, culminating with a missile dropkick from Chris that takes Bully down. Chris inadvertently kicks Alex when Moose ducks out of the way. Moose powerbombs Chris on the ring apron. Josh locks in the Ankle Lock on Moose, then transitions into a Sharpshooter. Brian wipes out the referee with a top rope elbow drop just moments before Moose begins to tap out. Brian hits the Roster Cut on Josh. Moose plants Chris with a Uranage through the table. KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard Lock on Moose. Moose places KUSHIDA on the table as Lio puts him through it with the Final Hour. The lights go out and PCO attacks Bully. PCO is about to Chokeslam him off the ramp when Brian goes low. Bully, Moose and Brian put PCO through the table with a triple powerbomb off the ramp. PCO immediately sits up and begins to fight back. Steve Maclin makes his shocking return as he attacks PCO from behind. Josh charges at Maclin and they brawl on the ramp. Maclin targets the previously-injured left tricep of Josh before security breaks it up. Brian pushes Josh into Alex. They begin to argue and Alex abandons him in the ring. Moose spears Josh to score the victory.

Wow! I was not expecting that at all! I was not expecting Time Machine and Josh Alexander to lose that one. I was not expecting Steve Maclin to make his return and I was not expecting Alex Shelley abandoning his tag partners! An entertaining match to say the least. Grade C+

Main Event Match: Knockouts World Championship Match - Trinity vs Deonna Purrazzo

Gail Kim is on commentary for this match. Trinity hits an axe kick to the back of Deonna’s neck. Trinity goes for a head scissor but Deonna counters into a reverse Piledriver on the floor. Back in the ring, Deonna connects with a backstabber for two. Both Knockouts are down following an in-sync clothesline in the middle of the ring. Trinity hits a Samoan Drop, then flies with a top rope crossbody for two. Deonna comes back with a running pump kick for a near fall of her own. Deonna hits the side Russian leg sweep, then transitions into the Fujiwara Armbar. Moments later, Trinity drives her face-first into the mat with an innovative head scissor, followed by the split-legged Moonsault for another near fall. Deonna picks Trinity off the top rope with a big Superplex. Trinity attempts Star Struck but the damage to her left arm prevents her from locking it in. Instead, Trinity plants her with a Full Nelson Bomb but Deonna kicks out in time. Trinity hits Code Red, then successfully locks in a modified Starstruck, forcing Deonna to submit for a second time.

A good match from these two ladies. I am looking forward to seeing who steps up to the Knockouts World Championship picture because we don’t want it going stale just having Trinity and Deonna constantly battling each other for the belt. Either woman was deserving of the victory here, but in my opinion, it was obvious that it was going to be Trinity retaining the championship. Grade C+

After the match, Deonna congratulates Trinity on her hard fought victory.

Overall, a good PPV. There have been better ones this year, but this was definitely a good one. There are a lot of different things I am hoping come out of this PPV, but only time will tell what Impact has in store for us.

I am so excited for Will Ospreay returning to Impact at Bound for Glory and Jordynne Grace returning at Victory Road.


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