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Dynamite Review 5/10/23

As always it started out with Excalibur letting us know "It's Wednesday night and we know what that means." They were live in the Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit Michigan. Taz and Tony was on commentary with Excalibur. This was a loaded card.

The opening contest was a double jeopardy match between Claudio and Phoenix. The double jeopardy meant if Claudio won he gets a shot at the RoH tag titles. If, Phoenix wins then he gets a shot at the RoH Championship. Claudio kept to his power moves while Phoenix kept to his arsenal of high flying moves. One of the highlight moves came from Claudio when he caught and military slammed Phoenix into the barricade. Excalibur did bring up that Claudio has defended his RoH Championship 7 times most notably against Eddie Kingston who just had hernia surgery. Hopefully Eddie will recovery quickly. Claudio wins with an impressive powerbomb. Blackpool Combat Club now has a title shot at the RoH tag titles. This was a good match the two men played to their strength.

Quick backstage segment shows Miro is back.

After the shock of Miro being back a prerecorded promo about the pillars from MJF was played. He compared them to the Beatles. MJF being Paul who is the best and has the longevity. Jungle Boy was George with charisma and good looks. Darby Alin was John Lennon due to both being broody. Sammy Guevara was compared to Ringo as an exciting creative one. MJF also touted that he was in the best dog collar match and at Double or Nothing he will be in the best Four way.

FTR started their time by issuing wanting to issue an apology to Mark Briscoe. They were answered by Jeff Jarret's music. Sonja Dutt, Satnam Signh, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal all came out. Sonja said that they needed to accept their challenge for Double of Nothing. FTR said only if they admit to them using Mark. Mark Briscoe then came out telling them to "simmer down". Mark makes the match official and proclaims he will be the special guest referee. Very nice touch for the match. Sonja then started a brawl. Dax would knock Mark down to further the storyline about who is using or cares for Mark Briscoe.

Back stage segment with Renee and Jericho. Jericho has an official document banning Adam Cole from being in the same building as Chris Jericho. Roderick Strong steps in to defend his friend Adam Cole by challenging Jericho to a Falls Count Anywhere match next week. JAS will also be banned from the building. I can see this going outside for all people to get involved. Just going to have to wait until Ausitn, Texas to find out how that will pan out.

Thunder Rosa makes a return in the next brief segment.

Back from a commercial Sammy and Jericho talk about why he has been in AEW. Sammy said he has been the pillar that should not have been and the black sheep. Jericho said he was brought in to be a start under his mentorship. Taya talks about how much work Sammy puts in. This type of motivational promo makes it hard for Sammy to be seen as a heel.

Tony Khan addresses the world bragging about how tonight is one of the best shows. The best talent. Unused awesome talent. He announced that next week he has another huge announcement. Maybe official notification of the show Collision?

Up next a match I was eager to see. I thing Daniel Garcia is a great member of the AEW roster. Orange Cassidy is also a massive star; although I do believe that his is getting a bit stale. Commentary really built up the streak that Cassidy is on. Cassidy isn't really wrestling his sloth style. Garcia did the typical attack the injured body part. Bryce Remsberg was a bit distracting holding his back during a spot when both men were down. Garcia did a nice series of submissions before Orange Cassidy won. Typical Cassidy match gets beat up but still gets the win. Good match by both men.

Outcasts threw out a challenge for a women's trios match next week against Hayter, Britt Baker, and Riho.

Christian Cage said he is given the right to be the number one contender for the TNT title just because of his accolades. Christian to the jeers of fans goes to the same dead dad type promo on Wardlow. Christian then cut a promo on Arn about jumping on the Wardlow train and only being a legend due to his affiliations with Tully Blanchard and Ric Flair. Very nice heel promo by Christian. Luchasaurus just stood there being brooding.

Darby was featured in a promo about why he was on this Earth. Says he is crazy inside the ring to break barriers down. Says he wants to give back. The Icon Sting compares him to a younger version of himself. This was a very humble inspirational type promo.

Anna Jay and Julia Hart is a magnificent rivalry. The queen slayer kicks the match off before Julia even gets to the ring. Both ladies put on a great match. Anna tapped out. No Holds Barred are brutal with all the weapons and these ladies did a wonderful match. Slightly disappionted there was not black mist in the match. Additionally kudos to Stephan Smith the ref in this match he did a good job and is one of the better refs in AEW.

Best Friends with Bandido aka Best Amigos chose to ban all witches from ringside as the Dealer's Choice Rule. House of Black has a really cool entrance. This defense is the first Open House Rules match. Blacked out audience chanting House of Black had an impressive ambiance. First aspect that actually effected the match from the Open House rules was the no rope break as Bandido tried to break a leg bar with the rope. Brody won the match with a Dante's Inferno. Overall good match. However, we as fans deserve better challengers. By that I mean actual trios teams not three men thrown together. Unfortunately, wit the way that the House Rules are set up that doesn't seem to be the case in my opinion.

Kyle Fletcher of Aussie open took out Orange Cassidy. Kyle Fletcher said "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie."

Jungle Boy gives a brief history of his starting to train at 8 years old. Odd choice of using Christian Cage to build him up while still tearing him down. Jungle Boy really focused on how MJF just isn't the type of wrestler he wants to be. Then ends it with saying that all four of them will go out there and have an amazing match.

A video package of Ricky Starks and Jay White set up their match for next week. The matches made tonight is shaping up next week to be another good show.

Another jump start to the match. Both The Elite and BCC get involved before the match starts. Daniel Bryanson stayed on commentary which at times did serve as a distraction for The Elite. The rivalry between Mox and Omega dates back to the first Double or Nothing. Apparently the wind is blowing in Detroit because Mox got color early in the match from a barbed wire wrapped steel chair introduced by Kenny Omega. Downside of the match is picture in picture spent the majority of the commercial watching Mox undo the top turnbuckle and subsequently dismantling the top rope. Additionally when the cage broke TV audiences could hear muffled sounds of Paul Turner talking to Kenny Omega. A few nice call backs to their previous three matches. One of which being the super dangerous broken glass. Slivers of glass can get into the muscle and cause life threatening infections. Mox not only getting slammed into the glass but then locking in a choke slamming himself back into the glass is mad respect. Winner Mox.

Surprise of the night Don Callis turning on Kenny Omega!!!

Disappointments for the night would have to be Tony Khan saying next week there will be a big announcement next; then fall out from it the week after that. Rumors are swirling the internet that Collision will be announced as a new show any time now if it is that he should have just came out and said it. Another disappointment was the number of promos.

Highlights is seeing returning wrestlers. It will be nice to see how Miro will be used in the future. Where will Thunder Rosa fall in the women's picture. I don't see her as an outsider and I don't see her teaming with Britt Baker. Time will tell. This truly was a Pay Per View caliber show. AEW is on a streak of good shows.

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