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Dynamite Review 14 June 2023

Dynamite was live from the nation's capitol Washington D.C. and as usual this review and reactions is live. The last Dynamite before Collision. Remember to set your DVR for the show if you can't watch it live. Without even introducing the announce team they jumped right into what can be a main event match.

It's all about the Boom Bay Bay. After the promo last week this is one match that I have been waiting to see. I don't know if MJF will do some tom foolery to win and then Cole has to fight to challenge him or Cole will just win but I am excited for this feud. The crowd seems hot. Probably good to start put this match on first as fans can get tired by the end of the night. The Fargo Strut and imitation jizzing on Cole is to imitate another Cole vintage MJF. MJF tuning up the band just to receive the super kick which bloodied his mouth was nice. Excalibur pointed out and I agree some great counter wrestling when Cole went for the Panama Sunrise but it was countered and then the Heat Seeker getting countered. Adam Cole is most certainly playing off damage by that tombstone to the ring apron. When Bryce Remsburg was over the two match participants before he started counting them both down, I wonder what he said to them. I assume part of it had to do with timing. That is because shortly after that a false finish of a submission occurred. MJF hitting the heat seeker was a nice touch to this match. I can't recall him using it much. MJF did a nice job covering what he was saying after that amazing elbow drop on to Adam Cole who was on the time keeper's table. Fans looked shocked that Adam Cole got in during the 10 count. The bigger shocker would have been a count out. Ref bump is how is Adam Cole will get his title shot. Unfortunately for MJF, his plot to frame Adam Cole backfired. Unfortunately an electrical issue prevented me from seeing the finish. However, a time limit draw was a fitting end to that bout.

Next up we heard from the expecting father of a baby girl Samuel Guevara. Sammy is still focused on the World Title but says he needs to make changes as Darby Alin interjects himself to this segment. Darby mentions to Sammy that the fans are starting to get behind him again which is pointing to his face turn. Darby taunting Sammy about hiding in the shadow of Jericho brings the Demo God out himself. The Jericho/Sammy exchange isn't that great. However it does set Sammy up to properly leave the JAS. Which until Jericho set up a tag match made me wonder why Darby was out there. I am down for Sting and Darby against the Sex Gods. Floyd versus the big black bat.

Sanada issues an open challenge for the IWGP Championship at Forbidden Door 2. I hope we have to wait until then to find out who.

Quick action to start the match. Brain Cage has his face painted like Surfer Sting. Inside the ring Darby and Sting both give Swerve Strickland some splashed. AEW production wasted Cage doing a suplex from the outside into the ring with it being a commercial break. It took them coming back from commercial to show that Cage is doing more than just the face paint as an ode to the older gimmick of Sting. His pants also have a scorpion on them. Impressive monkey flip by cage and recovery by Keith Lee. Mogul Embassy followed that up by a massive powerbomb stomp combo. Orange Punch into the Death Drop for the win was awesome. I want to do that on AEW Fight Forever.

Renee is in the back with the Guns. She asks about them and their affiliation with Bullet Club Gold. Instead they set up the first traditional tag match for the Hardy Boys since Jeff's return. Obviously the Gunn Club will lose.

Hager jumps Wardlow on the ramp. Jake Hager always looks impressive but when was the last time he won a completive match? I feel like my Oklahoman brethren is just a glorified jobber who like a purple hat. This match serves only to make Wardlow look strong since Jake Hager is legitimately undefeated in MMA. Unfortunately for Hager, I don't feel he is at the level where he can continue to lose on TV and not get a title. Wardlow's spine buster is not as nice as Arn Anderson's spine buster. At least when Hager lost it was only to two powerbombs.

The second match announcement for Collision occurred after this match. Luchasaurus, who desperately needs the win, against Wardlow. Cage also bloodied Arn off screen. A TNT title change would also set the mood for Collision as being as important a show as Dynamite.

Tanahashi against MJF for the World Heavyweight title was made official at Forbidden door. This is Tanahashi's second shot at the AEW title.

Orange Cassidy breaks the fourth wall for Zac Saber Jr to challenge for the International Championship at Forbidden Door. Also sets up Daniel Garcia and ZSJ to face him and Shibata next week.

I feel like this is another throw away match. I firmly believe and have stated it on the RealRasslin Round UP that Hayter will win it back from Toni Storm at All In London. Sky Blue does start the match off aggressively. Sky Blue's mom was in the crowd and she got spray "paint". During the commerical break the showed Sky Blue's mom again with no signs of the attack. Hitting Sky Blue with the Sarya cut out made me giggle. Although the match was a no brainer for the winner to be Toni Storm Sky Blue and her put on a good match. New Japan Strong Champion Willow Strong came out for the save. Setting up a match for Collision.

Junglhook is in full swing. However, Jungle Boy will detour into facing Sanada for the IWGP Heavy Weight title with Hook in his corner. I don't think Jungle Boy fits the Heavyweight category. The minimuim weight is 220 lbs. Jungle Boy is billed as 167 lbs.

There was supposed to be only the Blackpool Combat Club members in the match tonight. However, Bryan Danielson is on commentary. I would rather have William Regal back for commentary. The Youngbucks seem to have gone country; look at them boots. Early powerbomb onto the apron to Yuta by Matt Jackson. Claudio catching Nick and turning it into a European Uppercut was a true feat of strength. Excalibur notes this is the first time Hung Bucks has teamed in AEW. Tony Schiavone, noted that BCC has not lost a match that Mox participated in for over a year. Hangman with the hot tag cleaned house. Yuta seems to have picked up Mox's rope rebound. He does not do it the same as Mox did as Dean Ambrose but it is almost a staple in his matches now. BTE Trigger then a Buckshot Lariat finished the match. I am glad these two teams are still facing off against each other. Just like when you put the Lucha Bros against the Young Bucks it is magic.

Eddie Kingston comes back at the end of the trios to brawl with Cladio. He stops short of throwing down with Mox. Eddie's save was ruined by Konoske coming out. However, Omega ended that. WILL OSPREAY super kicks Omega. Ospreay followed that up with a hidden blade. A Storm Breaker leaves Omega lying on the mat.

Downside of the shows. Two obvious match outcomes.

Upside The time limit draw opener. Seeing the NJPW guys and setting up Forbidden Door 2. Will Ospreay.


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