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Dynamite April 3, 2024 Review and Reactions

Reports from within the DUC Arena in Worcester, Ma. is saying that officials are not allowing either Jericho or CM Punk signs. A person who goes on the Jericho Cruise reported that their 301 days until sign was taken. Unfortunately, as a corporation they are allowed to do this and it does not violate the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Kicking the night off slower than the last few weeks by starting with a promo. Variety is the spice of life. Quality production with loads of feedback. Adam Copeland says he will keep it positive and that there is a lot to be positive and happy about. He rambles on about the potential off several first time matches in AEW. Adam Copeland then brings out one of the men in tonight's opening event Will Ospreay. Shortly after Will Hobbs would come out.

Hobbs starts out with his power. This series of matches of Will Ospreay facing Don Callis Family Members while in that stable is really setting up a dissolution of that family. A standstill on the outside shows that Ospreay is just as powerful as Hobbs. The set up for that Vertical suplex onto the stairs was nice. Hobbs does more damage to the back of Ospreay. Powerhouse Hobbs would even mock the United Empire. Will starts to fight back with is speed utilizing several flashy looking kicks. Hobbs eats a few chops. The story telling in the ring after Ospreay slapped Hobbs. The nervous laugh before Hobbs showed his anger. Selling at its best. Nice avalanche powerslam by Hobbs. The Areal Assassin wins with a hidden blade.

Hobbs attacks after the match. Don Callis calls him off for the moment. Aubrey Edwards is seen telling Hobbs to exit via the crowd. Seconds later Danielson comes in to start his match against Archer next.

This is a first time ever. The power of Lance is a good comparison to Hobbs so it looks like both Danielson and Ospreay have equal opponents. Even the same format of Bryan Danielson getting beat up. Where is NIgel or make fun of the Clam Digger to make this entertaining as we all know Lance Archer will lose. For me at least, Bryan Danielson is getting MJF redundant. While to me nothing is standing out in this match, I am glad that Lance Archer is getting TV time. Lance on X is a super positive person and deserves better booking. Danielson unfortunately wins.

Jericho wastes no time in asking for the Hook Signal to make everyone happy. Jericho uses "Judas" lyrics in his promo not bad as a call back. Jericho sounds corny about just wanting Hook to believe in him. Hook announces that Collision they have a match. A very uneasy tag team.

Shane Taylor Promotions reveals they are the opponents of LionHook in a backstage segment immediately after.

Billy Gunn knocks Jay White flat at the beginning of Jay White's entrance. Billy Gunn gives some powerful right hands. White is really selling for Daddy Ass. A bit of a comical segment of Jay White calling he is in the ropes. Billy maintained offense for about 90% of the match. Billy Gunn wasted too much time getting the chair. I guess that allowed the Gunn Club to get down there. Winner by DQ is Daddy Ass. The Acclaimed comes out to prevent the beatdown.

I just can't get behind Willow and her promo doesn't evoke any fluffin, as she would put it, emotions. Just a typical I am grateful promo. Those in some of the local easy pops. Kris Statlander standing in the back looks like she could be a member of Men in Black.

This feels like a big elaborate scheme to give Mercedes Mone TV time as she interrupts.

Excalibur points out an interesting technicality to start the match. A time limit draw would turn the FTR v Top Flight match into the final. The match starts with some fundamentals. The first sign of The Young Bucks being heels is Matthew "shaking" Trents hand before the rolling northern lights suplex. Turnbuckle pad removed. Rick Knox seems not to care like other refs would. The mocking of Orange Cassidy before the EVP Trigger attempt was nice. It showed their arrogance. The modified TK Driver by Best Friends repays the insult of mocking Cassidy. Sue slapped Mathew before Orange Cassidy throws him back in. Young Bucks win with questionable measures.

Trent turns on Orange Cassidy. Sue looks baffled.

NIce canine burns by Toni Storm on Commentary. May looked to put Rosa away early but no go. Commentary does mention that Rosa vacated the title not lost it. I think it is fitting for Rosa to get a title shot. Thunder Rosa wins to become the Number 1 Contender. That match will happen at Dynasty. I found the commentary more interesting than the match.

Challenger enters first with Nana of course. Joe comes out to just tell Swerve it is a mistake to take this match. There is a lot of purple around Swerve's eyes. Typical hype on both men's side. Swerve strikes first. He then attempted to choke out Samoa Joe but to no avail. Samoa Joe punched the back of Swerve's head with the chian. Gave him a chance to blade if that was not the hard way. Swerve Strickland just laughs when Samoa Joe gets to the top of the ramp. Swerve signs the contract in a smear of his own blood. Urinagi by Joe after he ran back to the ring.

This was a very fast moving Dynamite. Loads of storytelling both inside and out of the ring. AEW is going to have to be on full tilt this month since WWE is culminating Wrestlemania this weekend.


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