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Dustin Rhodes to Start His Own Promotion

Dustin Rhodes broke into wrestling in September of 1988 and has previously announced that he will retire from in-ring competition this year (2023). His AEW contract is expected to expire in July. Dustin's carreer spans 34 years and besdies AEW, he has wrestled for WCW, WWE, TNA, and AJPW. As a wrestler he has had memorable moments with Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania XII and his brother Cody at Double or Nothing 2019 among many others. Despite that he may retire as one of the greats never to hold a major promotions top prize. Outside the ring, Dustin has worked as a producer for WWE and a coach for AEW.

On Sports Guy Talks Wrestling Dustin said "That is correct (I’m looking to launch an independent promotion & book shows) and it’s probably gonna happen sometime late summer, I think, and that’ll be local here (in Austin, Texas) so I know that we’ve had someone like Inspire (A.D.) come in town and we had WrestleCircus a ways back and it was a couple more but, I think we can really take over this market in Austin and do something big with it and that’s all I’m hoping for is that these kids have somewhere to go in front of kids, in front of people to feel their energy, you know? Because this is only so much. When you have 300 people, it gives you a lot more energy when they’re there and they’re in the moment and they love their pro wrestling and Austin’s a great pro wrestling city. They love their wrestling here." The workig name for the promotion is currentlyRhodes Wrestling Association.

Outside of AEW The Natural Dustin Rhodes currently has a training school. The Rhodes Wrestling Academy is located in Leader, Texas which is only a short drive to Austin, Texas. Thier seventh showcase is on March 26 available on Youtube.


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