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Drew McIntyre Shoots On His WORST WWE Bump

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Drew McIntyre learned firsthand how gravity works during a meaty Hell In A Cell match vs. Randy Orton back in 2020, and the big Scot isn't certain he wants to relive the experience again.

Drew McIntyre told The West Sport that tumbling off the side of the famous cage was the "worst bump of [his] entire career". It sucked, because Drew McIntyre gathered speed during the "17 foot" fall, and all of his weight came crashing down hard through the announce table.

That table, for the record, didn't break the then-babyface's fall one bit.

Drew McIntyre ended up biting his tongue "right through the middle" when he landed. To make matters worse, he also suffered whiplash during the bump. It remains the worst fall he's ever taken as an active pro wrestler, which is saying something for somebody who has worked thousands of matches.

Drew McIntyre recalls "looking back" right before taking the plunge, and he knew then it'd be a sore one. Unfortunately, that quick look came too late in the day to back out and try something else. Drew McIntyre had to grit his teeth and go.

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