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Double or Nothing Fall Out.

The night started out with a celebration of the new TBS Champion Mercedes Mone. Which Mercedes is not the only one dancing after Sunday Night.

During Mercedes' celebration she summarily dismissed Willow Nightingale as a challenger. Sky Blue inserted herself into the scene as the next challenger for the TBS title via video. That was followed up by an in ring attack. Sky left Mercedes Mone laying in the ring.

Tony Khan has been good about getting tie ins. Killswitch may not be happy with being in a Dragon match as he has said dragons are fake previously. An odd placement for the current AEW champion, that is unless you ask Siri or Alexa. Swerve starts out using his speed and cunning to avoid and Killswitch and fell him like a tree. The match is a decent David against Goliath type match. This also serves as a good rebound match which either keeps the Patriarchy against Swerve or can move Strickland on to a new opponent. Nana takes a chair. Swerve delivers a series of kicks before Swerve Stomp on the outside. This would look to be the final moment before the Big Killswitch blocks a House Call with a chokeslam moonsault combo. A Swerve stomp House Call almost put it away but Killswitch kicked out. Swerve then hits a House Call for the win. Cutting the fake bread off Killswitch leads me to believe the Patriarchy/Swerve story is not done.

TV Time with Chris Jericho makes it debut. Time will tell if this set will dwindle like his WWE set did. We all still morn the loss of Mitch the Plant. Jericho's insincerity reminds me of Chad Gable. All we need to finish it is a "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!" This is a decent segment to set up Chris Jericho's new stable. The fans in attendance is chanting to "Shut the Fuck up." The exact response the men in the ring want. There is a positive to this as Bryan Keith is not getting character. Unfortunately, Hook comes down to break it up. Joe stomps him in a peaceful. way with some mysterious words.

Rocky Romero kicks starts the match going after the injured shoulder of Moxley. Mox has to change up his usual moves by alternating kicks and chops instead of just dropping repeated elbows which is a signature of the BCC. Rocky Romero always puts on a good match. He is an athlete that doesn't need a title but at the same time it would be nice to see him having one. Rocky Romero attempts to lock in a cross arm bar. Moxley successfully defends against it before putting Romero in a Bulldog Choke. Romero escapes into a Hammerlock. Nice series of submission reversals. Rocky gets a cross arm bar off the top rope and Jon Moxley almost taps. Mox wins the match with a Death Rider. Although it is nice to see matchups without rivalries I don't like eliminator matches like this.

It looks like Orange may not be turning heel. Also that Kris Statlander may still be with Trent Beretta. The Don Callis Family has grown.

Mone blocks the attempted jump start of the match. A quick pin by the CEO making her wrestling debut on Dynamite. Meteora onto the outside with a thud. Good back and forth, I think Skye Blue has grown exponentially since she debuted as a cheerleader with Varsity Blonds. The inevitable win went to Mercedes Mone. Enter the next challenger the current NJPW Strong Women's Champion Stephanie Vaquere.

All of the Elite came out to give this announcment. That wasn't before they talked down their opponents from Sunday. The Young Buck gifted Okada a nice black Lamborghini. The Young Bucks officially stripped Adam Copeland of the TNT title. IT was then gifted to Jack Perry. Christopher Daniels stopped this gifting and announced he is interim executive vice president. Instead what a shocker there will be a play in for a ladder match at Forbidden Door. The Acclaimed saves Christopher Daniels from a beatdown.

The first participant in the Forbidden Door Casino Gauntlet is Jay White, a man deserving of the AEW World Title. He is followed up by PAC. Pac's chest is showing the chop marks from his match at Double or Nothing. This match is sudden death regardless of if all competitior are out or not. This is only the second time for this match type in AEW. Pac is really dominating this match. The third participant is Mistico from CMLL. He should complement PAC nicely. Mistico has his time to shine by taking down PAC and White. This does not last long as Pac and White take back over and all three men seem to battle equally. Fourth in is the winner of the fist gauntlet match Will Ospreay. Ospreay and White square off. Shoto Umino comes out to break up an armbar that Mistico had on Ospreay. Umino and Ospreay do an amazing sequence of moves that makes me want to see them in a one on one match. Not too long after Umino comes the Swiss Cyborg Claudio Castignoli who chases down Jay White. Claudio does hit individuals who get in his chase. Claudio gives Jay White the Big Swing; he then gives it to Ospreay. Umino and Claudio exchange uppercuts. Umino loses that and his punishment is more Big Swing. Pac is next to get to take the ride. Remsburg almost joins the club. Lio Rush makes his AEW debut in this match. Rush shows off his agility. Umino does not let that go unmatched and matches Rush in speed. Now a bandaged Orange Cassidy comes to the ring to participate. Orange hits the Stun Dog Millionaire almost immediately. Jay White capitalizes on a distraction and tries to hit his finisher but Hechicero's music hits. Hechicero takes care of business but cannot put the match away when he tries for a submission. What a match! Jay White attempts the Blade Runner but receives a Hidden Blade. Ornage almost gets a pin. However, it is an Oscutter to win the match for WIll Ospreay.

Swerve saunters to the ring. The two men stare down. Will Ospreay points to the World Title and AEW goes off air. Hell of a night.


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