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Don Callis Hints At Adding More Members To His Group With Konosuke Takeshita

Don Callis is looking to build his numbers against The Elite.

Don Callis who betrayed Kenny Omega back in May and is now aligned with Konosuke Takeshita, appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss his ongoing feud with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. It was during this interview that Don Callis revealed that he’s looking to add more members to his family to fight off his old friends.

If there’s anything left of The Elite after the Blackpool Combat Club (BCC) get done with them, the Don Callis Family is going to clean up the mess.

Jericho asked Don Callis to confirm that he was bringing in more members to his “family.” Don Callis says it is a must for his own safety.

I have no choice. For our own personal safety. The Elite have made it clear, from rumours and things that I hear in the dressing room. I pay a lot of people here. I get information. Our buddy Dr. Luther is a backstage guy, I’ve known him a lot longer than I’ve known you. You don’t think I don’t hear things, Chris? They’re looking to destroy us because we embarrassed Kenny Omega. I have no choice, for our own protection, for the protection of [Takeshita’s] stellar career that is going to take place under me, that we have to have at least even numbers to combat this.

Don Callis then discusses how he previously had one person he cared about, Kenny Omega, but now that they are at odds he plans on bringing in talents who are superior to Kenny Omega.

I had a family with one member, Kenny Omega, and it blew up in my face. I’m not going to put myself in that situation again. I’m going to have a big family. Multiple family members. They’re not just going to be anybody. They are going to be the types of athletes that are on the same level or higher than Kenny Omega, and we’re going to take care of business.


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