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Demolition Smash Calls This WWE Hall Of Famer 'Brutal' In The Ring

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As one-half of Demolition alongside tag team partner Ax, Demolition Smash, aka Barry Darsow, built a reputation in the 1980s as one of the toughest wrestlers to step into the WWE ring. As such, the wrestling legend knows the difference between being hard-hitting and being reckless, a contrast that he feels a certain WWE Hall of Famer was unable to grasp.

During an appearance on "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Barry Darsow was asked who was the most reckless wrestler he ever encountered, and he had no hesitation in answering the question.

"Ultimate Warrior," Smash said. "He was brutal."

Smash is far from the first contemporary of Ultimate Warrior to share a negative opinion, with names such as Jake Roberts and Ted Dibiase criticizing the former WWE Champion as both a performer and as a man. Smash would at least qualify his criticism of Ultimate Warrior by stating he believed Ultimate Warrior became a safer wrestler as he continued through his career.

"I don't know," Smash said. "I think he did at the end. He probably had so much heat with a lot of the guys for all the potatoes he'd throw. He knocked out my front teeth here in Minneapolis with an elbow. I was hitting him in the corner, and he came back with an elbow and caught me in the teeth. Yeah, he was pretty reckless."

The match where Ultimate Warrior knocked out Smash's teeth appears to have occurred on October 19th, 1990, at a Minneapolis live event. To add insult to injury, Ultimate Warrior would defeat Smash, Ax, and Crush in trios action, teaming with Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, who were feuding with Demolition at the time.

Thank you to "Wrestling Shoot Interviews" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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