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Daniel Garcia Confirms That He Was Originally Going To Be Paired With Bryan Danielson But Chris Jeri

Daniel Garcia has reflected on his role in AEW over the last year.

The rising superstar and former ROH Pure Champion spoke about his time with the company during a recent interview on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast with Matt Hardy and co-host Jon Alba. Daniel Garcia would be asked about his pairing with Chris Jericho and how it seemed AEW was setting him up to be a member of the Blackpool Combat Club under Bryan Danielson, something Daniel Garcia confirms in conversation.

Yeah, but I’m not big on regrets. I don’t like to look backwards or think about what could have been or what was. In the moment, I was very sad about the situation. Jericho has told the story many times. I was originally supposed to be put with Bryan in the original Blackpool Combat Club, when it first initiated. Jericho needed me for his group, I got taken out of that, put with Jericho, and Jericho told me, when he told me he needed me and I was going to be in JAS, I was just like [sad]. In my mind, I knew I was supposed to be with Bryan in a couple of weeks. This is sad. Once I started…Okay, this Bryan thing could be happening in a bigger way where I already got over a little bit, and now it could be a big payoff or storyline that I’ll be put with Bryan.

Despite not being able to work side-by-side with Danielson Garcia says that he has enjoyed playing this longer storyline next to Chris Jericho, later stating that he feels there will be a big payoff for him eventually.

‘This is really cool.’ I don’t know if I was ready at that point to be put with Bryan, to be a babyface, sometimes I think God, it’s like a slingshot, he pulls you back so he can release you to a further position, so you can go far. I feel like that’s what the situation was. Not that I was in a bad spot, being with Chris, but wanting to be with Bryan, I felt like it was God saying, ‘Not yet, I have something bigger planned for you.’ Then, got released, and started flying. Hopefully, I keep flying, at least for a little bit.


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