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Damian Priest Injury Status Update After WWE Clash At The Castle

An update on Damian Priest’s status has emerged after an injury scare during the main event at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024.

During the match, Priest attempted a dive from the ring to the outside that involved one foot stepping on and pushing off of the top rope.

However, his foot appeared to slip and he got caught in the top and middle ropes, left hanging upside down until he was set free by the referee and Drew McIntyre.

Priest worked and finished the match with a notable limp and seemed to be avoiding putting weight on the affected leg, leading to some worries that damage may have been done to his leg, foot and/or ankle.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, Damian Priest was said to be “fine” backstage after the match.

The report notes that he was “effectively selling” throughout the match. Furthermore, the report notes that Priest received a lot of praise backstage for his performance.

In the post-show, Priest noted that he hadn’t been checked out by medical yet because he went directly to the press conference but that it did “feel like trash”.

Photo credit WWE

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