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Welcome people to this weeks episode of Collision. We have seven matches and Tate Mayfairs making his AEW debut so lets kick things off with some tag team action.



Completely not wrestling related but FTR are wearing trousers for this one. Just wanted to share that. Cash and Yuta start for their respective teams. They trade arm drags and come to a standoff. Tags to Dax and Claudio. Claudio connects with an uppercut on Dax on the ropes, who rolls to the outside to take a breather. Back in the ring, Dax returns the favour with a big chop to the chest. They get into a chop war, but a body slam from Castagnoli cuts that off, following up with the stalling double stomp and a tag to Yuta. They tee off on each other with more chops, body slam and a senton by Yuta for a 2 count.



Yuta biels Dax out of the corner. Cash tags in, fires Yuta up with more chops but Cash whips off a back suplex for 2. Dax back in, FTR double team Yuta with a slingshot into the bottom rope, gets a 2 count. Yuta makes the tag to Claudio, who lays into Dax with multiple uppercuts and takes both members of FTR down with a big boot. Cover on Dax, kick out at 2. Castagnoli grabs the leg, thinking Giant Swing, but Cash Wheeler cuts it out. Claudio heads to the floor but runs into a boot from Dax. Yuta dives to take out Dax, Claudio cuts off Cash on the suicide dive with an uppercut!


Castagnoli back in for the Swing, Cash with a victory roll, no Claudio gets a Sharpshooter! And Dax gets one on Yuta!! A sharpshooter staredown between both guys, and they slap each other while keeping the hold locked in! They both let go and trade forearms now. Things break down as we get all four men going at it, with Yuta heading to the floor with Dax, sending him into the barricade. Claudio and Cash follow suit with an uppercut against the barricade. Back inside, Castagnoli and Yuta work over Dax and hit a Hart Attack! 1, 2, no. Yuta locks in a single leg crab in the center of the ring. Claudio in, moonsault! But he misses as Dax rolls out of the way. Dax up top, uppercut cuts him off, Castagnoli meets him up there and they trade shots until Claudio hits a gutwrench suplex off the top. 1, 2, kick out.


Claudio to the apron, fights off both members of FTR. Yuta in with a leapfrog attack. Desperation spinebuster from Dax on Claudio. Both guys back to the top rope, Cash is poised for power and glory but Yuta dives in too with a splash to Dax, and all four men are down.



Shatter Machine attempt is blocked, Claudio immediately grabs Cash into the Giant Swing! Yuta with the dropkick. Pin attempt saved by Dax.  Yuta is tossed to the outside but Claudio boots Dax to the outside too. Small package by Cash, 1, 2, no. Claudio with a body slam for 2. Neutralizer attempt transitions into the shatter machine but this time Yuta makes the pin attempt save. Cash gets a Sharpshooter on Castagnoli but Claudio turns it around into one of his own. Dax gets Yuta into another one again, flipping off Claudio. Castagnoli with the Neutralizer on Dax. Misses it on Cash though, and Cash with a piledriver. Kick out again at 2. Claudio with an uppercut in the corner on Cash, superplexes him in. Neturalizer on Cash. But again kick out at 2. Straight into the crossface. Into the Rings of Saturn But the bell rings. This is all over. We have reacher the 20 minute time limit.


Here is your Winners: TIME LIMIT DRAW.



Well what more could you ask for from your opening match up. This was literal fire. Please run this back anytime cos id happily watch these two teams wrestle for another hour.


Cash and Dax grab the mic. Dax wants 5 more minutes. The ref is about to call for the bell…but Brandon Cutler appears. He’s here on behalf of the EVPs Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, who sent him the contract to this match which says 20 minutes. It clearly says 20, not 25, not 30. Claudio grabs Cutler and gives him a Giant Swing to stick it to him. Claudio then flips Brandon Cutler straight into a Shatter Machine from FTR.


Claudio on the mic and says he won’t shake FTR’s hand as that’s too cliched, but anytime they want a rematch, anywhere, they’re on. It’s a yes from me.




Statlander drives Renegade into the corner with a big shoulder thrust. Statlander grabs Robyn up in a powerbomb but Renegade battles out of it. Nope, Statlander gets her back up, sitout powerbomb connects. Saturday Night Fever gets the 1, 2, 3.


Here is your Winner: Kris Statlander



Im pleased to see Statlander getting a push. Long overdue and also works so well as a heel. Love it.




Rhodes heads to the outside in the early goings to drape an arm around Taya. Johnny goes to check on her and receives a canonball off the apron. Taya distracts Rhodes, and Johnny dives through the ropes with a tornillo to take out Dustin. Taya stands over Dustin and kisses Johnny on the steel steps.


Johnny goes to toss Dustin onto the apron, but Rhodes just rolls inside. Hammer and anvil elbows from Johnny, forearm shot, and a running knee to the side of the head. More kisses with Taya. A few more kicks, and then they kiss again, until Dustin grabs the legs of Johnny and slingshots him into the ropes. Neckbreaker by Johnny gets a 2 and he follows up with a chinlock. Double clothesline as both men go down. Back to their feet, they slug it out until Johnny mocks Dustin doing the Goldust shtick and going for the stalling uppercut, but Dustin counters and hits the bulldog. Snap powerslam by Rhodes gets a 2. Johnny avoids the suplex and hits a Moonlight Drive, 1, 2, no. Spinebuster attempt by Johnny but Dustin grabs the ropes to prevent it and he hits a Destroyer. Dustin spreads the legs of Johnny TV in the corner, Shattered Dreams followed by Cross Rhodes, 1, 2, Taya puts the foot on the ropes.



Taya goes to slap Dustin, he catches the hand…and the ref ejects Taya from the ringside area. Dustin climbs back into the ring but Johnny clips the rope, low blowing him. Superkick, 1, 2, no. Johnny lays in some forearms on the mat, hits a knee to the side of the head a couple of times, and goes for Starship Pain but misses. Running knee by Dustin, elevated Cross Rhodes and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: Dustin Rhodes



And another loss for Johnny TV. Massive props to Dustin though. Still going strong.




Daivari and Nese with the jump as their opponents are being introduced. Nese with the Michinoku Driver on Jordy for the 1, 2, 3.


Here is your Winners: The Premier Athletes

I have seen way too many under one minute matches this weekend. Its getting a bit much now.




Arm drag by Storm to begin. Storm goes for another, Frost cartwheels out of it. Frost and Storm attempt to get wrist control. Storm off the ropes, Frost tells her to Freeze! And Storm pauses for a closeup, haha. Frost to the apron and a moonsault to take out Storm on the floor. Mariah and Frost trade barbs while Luther picks up Storm and brings her back to the ring. Frost with chops in the corner, until Storm retaliates with some of her own.


Hip attack by Storm to a seated Frost. Sidewalk backbreaker connects, and Storm then traps the arms, driving a knee into the back. Full Nelson by the champion, who then takes a run up in the corner, misses a hip attack, Frost misses a canonball, and Toni gets the hip attack on a second attempt. 1, 2, no. Go behind from Frost, victory roll, 1, 2, no. Thrust kick by Frost, Chiller Driller, 1, 2, no. Back cracker in the corner connects for Storm, but Frost with a jackknife for 2. Sky High gets a 2 for Storm. Another Chiller Driller attempt, but Storm rolls straight into a Storm Zero for the 1, 2, 3.


Here is your Winner: Timeless Toni Storm


No shock here but Lady Frost played her part perfectly. Well done both women.





This is a huge moment for me reviewing this match. Tate Mayfairs is one of the hottest guys in the UK independents and certainly deserves this opportunity. Garcia with a go behind and sits on top of Mayfairs. Mayfairs replies and tries to flip out of some arm control, but Garcia keeps him locked down. Mayfairs poses in the corner with his knee on Garcias neck, followed by a backwards roll but Garcia comes running out of the corner with a big clothesline. A back elbow follows up, but Garcia gets sent head first into the middle buckle. Mayfairs with mounted punches and tries for a little Garcia dance of his own but Garcia cuts him off early. Inside leg hook, Mayfairs looking for a suplex but Garcia reverses into a series of swinging neckbreakers. Boot to the face from Mayfairs, but an exploder connects for Garcia.


Garcia dances, hits the John Woo shotgun dropkick in the corner, hits the Red Cross and this one is all over.


Winner: Daniel Garcia


Garcia has all the momentum atm but for me this was just a super cool moment getting to watch Tate Mayfairs on national television. Representing the UK well. Nigel McGuiness summed it up perfectly when he said you better get ready for this young cocky Londoner. You just love to see it.




The Undisputed Kingdom are watching at ringside, so the story between them and O’Reilly clearly isn’t over yet. Kyle lays on the mat, asking for Orange to make the first move, putting his BJJ skills to use. Monkey flip by Orange, but Kyle gets a guillotine choke, forcing OC to get the ropes. Crucifix pinfall exchanges from both guys, neither man getting the advantage. Leg scissor by O’Reilly, again forcing Cassidy to grab the ropes.


Headscissors applied by Kyle, OC escapes. He goes to put the hands in the pockets, but O’Reilly grabs the arm and locks in an armbar. OC reverses into a hammerlock, fireman’s carry takeover for 1. They look for suplexes but neither man can get the advantage. Stundog Millionaire countered into a reverse choke. O’Reilly looks for a Kimura, Cassidy tries to get his hands in the pockets again, but Kyle traps him in an underhook so he can’t get the hands in. OC manages to make some distance, and he gets the hands in finally! Leg sweep by Kyle though after a flurry of offense from Cassidy. Arm wringer by Kyle, and one over the top rope. Dragon screw in the ropes to follow up. O’Reilly smashes the back of the leg across the apron. Strong is nearby and whispers something in the ear of O’Reilly, but Cassidy is back up. O’Reilly dragon screws Cassidy into the barricade before sending him back in the ring.


O’Reilly gets the other leg in the ring now and dragon screws that one, targeting both legs to keep Cassidy grounded. He wraps one knee over the bottom rope and stomps on it. Headbutt connects for KOR, and he mocks Cassidy putting the hands in the pockets, before stomping the hands. Back to the floor, Kyle targets the legs with various kicks and strikes before bringing OC back inside. Quick rollup by Cassidy though, 1, 2, no.


O’Reilly continues to kick OC in the chest and arms but OC fires up. Kick to the arm and an arm wringer of his own. Kyle spills to the floor, suicide dive from OC connects. Cassidy up top for the crossbody, Kyle rolls through into a wristlock but OC counters into a pin, 1, 2, no. Thrust kick caught, snap German connects for O’Reilly but OC gets one of his own. Another from Kyle. Another from Cassidy. They get to their feet but both fall down. When they get back to their feet, they both do some Sloth Style kicks until it turns into ‘real’ kicks from both guys.


Kyle gets an ankle lock, but a rising knee connects for OC and he gets a Falcon Arrow for 2! Roaring elbow by O’Reilly, OC with a PK though. Orange Punch time, but misses, Kyle gets the armbar, puts his own hand in OC’s pocket to prevent Orange from doing so, using the leverage. Rear naked choke applied but Cassidy knees his way out, hits beach break but kick out at 2.


Axe kick by O’Reilly, Orange Punch knocks O’Reilly into the ropes, rebound lariat attempt, NO Orange catches him with another Orange Punch and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: Orange Cassidy



This was a solid main event. Kyle O’Reilly loses again though. Its time for him to join the undisputed kingdom because he needs a plan.


Solid show. Strong build up is beginning for forbidden door and the card for next weeks Coliision and Dynamite is looking strong. Thanks for joining me this week guys. See you next week.


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