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Cody Rhodes Weighs In On Who The Ric Flair To His Dusty Might Be In WWE

Cody Rhodes has named three WWE superstars he believes could be the "Ric Flair to his Dusty Rhodes." 

At the "WWE Backlash" post-show press conference, Cody Rhodes spoke about his father's three most favourite rivalries in his career and then detailed who his greatest rival could be in WWE.

"My dad's favourite rivalries were Superstar Billy Graham, Harley Race, and the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Those were his three greatest, he used to make Ali parallels to who was Frazier, who was Foreman, all this stuff. Perhaps it's my newly developed friend, who is getting better right now and we can't wait for him to come back, perhaps it's Seth Rollins, perhaps it's Roman Reigns, perhaps it's AJ Styles." 

Cody Rhodes also alluded to another potential rivalry against Randy Orton, highlighting how a match between the two would transpire much differently today than in "The American Nightmare's" initial run in WWE. 

"One of the gentlemen in the ring with me was a huge part of me even being here today. There are multiple people who were a big part of me being here today but somebody who legitimately took me under his wing and put me in his faction ... I know ten years ago, Randy Orton could wipe the floor with me but I wonder what it looks like today. Feels like a first time ever today and I mean that with the utmost respect to somebody who got me to where I am today." 

It is uncertain whether Cody Rhodes will battle AJ Styles once again for the Undisputed WWE Championship following his win over "The Phenomenal One" at Backlash. It could also be a while until Cody Rhodes steps in the ring with Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns as the former is still healing from injury, while the latter wasn't drafted to either "WWE Raw" or "WWE Smackdown."

Photo Credit: WWE

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