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CM Punk In Ring Return: Video and Review

CM PUNK VS Dominic Mysterio MSG Live

CM Punk made his "shocking" return to WWE earlier this year after a turbulent stint with AEW. Since then we have yet to bare witness to "the best in the world" within the squared circle in a competitive nature.

This changed this past weekend where WWE bought their holiday tour to Maddison Square Garden.

The pop for the signature "It's Clobbering Time" was breathtaking and blew the roof off of the garden!


Both men go for a lock up Dom blocks it and goes to the top turnbuckle showboats with mami applauding on the outside and the fans booing come down from turnbuckle starts trash talking Punk and fans then start chanting CM Punk.

Both lock up choke hold by Punk dom then back up to the ropes and both Dom and Punk keep

Putting up their hands each time the crowd boos Dom and cheers for Punk.

Dom gets in a few strikes on Punk and leaves Punk on the ropes as ref moves him away Mami punches Punk from the outside.

Dom continues to try to get the upper hand but Punk reverse it and carries on with punches and gets to the top turnbuckle and does the 10 punches then gets a 1 count Irish whip to Dom who rolls out the ring and fans start to boo him.

Fans the start to chant you’ve still got it to Punk and he points at himself Dom at a two count and Punk does press ups in the ring Dom gets back in the ring and Punk reverses it into a choke hold and get the 2 count.

Dom then reverses it and starts to kick Punk in the corner and starts to showboat again and then gets booed.

Dom gets a 2 count punches by Dom while motioning to Mami Irish whip by Dom and a takedown and gets a two count and then chokehold by Dom ref asking Punk if he wants to submit.

Punk gets back to his feet goes for the GTS and Dom reverses it and throws punk out the ring.

Dom goes to the ropes and ref hold him back then Mami kicks Punk outside the ring ref starts the count Dom then breaks up the count and takes fight to Punk outside the ring with a few punches Dom the puts Punk back in the ring.

Dom does the Eddie taunt then dives over ropes and hits Punk and gets the 2-count chokehold by Dom Punk reverses it and runs to the ropes and then Dom reverses it 3 amigos by Dom goes for the frog splash and Punk moves in time both men back to their feed and punches by both then Punk takes over.

Drop kick by Punk then into a neck breaker for Punk then runs into Dom in the corner and then clothesline!

Punk goes top turnbuckle and diving elbow and the applauds the fans and does the taunt for the GTS Dom reverses it into a 619 which Punk counters and puts Dom in the sharpshooter.

Mami gets on the apron and ref goes over you see Dom tap out and Punk realises the hold back and forth chatting with Mami and Punk which in turn Dom kicks Punk from behind to set up for a 619 which connects and gets a 2 count.

Dom goes for a suplex Punk reverses it into the GTS and gets the 3 count.

Official result CM Punk wins

Rating B+

This was a very good match with some very good spots for both superstars to interact with the crowd. Dom plays the heel character very well as was seen throughout this match was very good back and forth between both men. I would be happy to see both cross paths again in the future

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